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Crossings Ceramic Tile Collection deftly fuses the elegance and simplicity of style with the flowing, organic themes of the Victorian, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts movements. This is achieved by using a technique which dates back to the 12th century. Here, to be found, are many of the basic elements of proper design. Pieces such as pattern, color, texture and shape are tools for the design professional and the discerning homeowner offered by Crossings. This collection is incredibly durable making these tiles suitable for walls, floors and wet areas, in addition for use outdoors. Choose among 4 bisque colors and 22 inlay colors to create your own signature look.

Please take a look at a few complementary collections in terracotta. These include: Reclaimed Terracotta, Cotto Med Terracotta Tile, Cotto Mielo Terracotta Tile, and Pedralbes Terracotta.

*Offered exclusively through our Country Floors showrooms