Limestone is a sedimentary stone that has been a part of architecture and design for thousands of years. Think of the Roman Coliseum, and you have the proper picture of limestone in your mind. Now think of it in your own home. Country Floors joyfully offers a fine selection of modern limestone.

Tiles and slabs come from quarries in France, Portugal, and Turkey.  For example, Finike, Beaumaniere from France,  Azul Lagos from Portugal are some of the most popular varieties.

Unlike other natural stones,  this material is softer and can absorb more water.  This should not deter you from using it in most residential flooring and wall tile applications. There are many types of sealers in the market to make it more suitable.

Limestone tiles come in many different types of finishes, such as honed, polished, and textured finishes. The softly distressed finish is the most popular form. Also, different types of edges like a chiseled edge make it more rustic.  These types of finishes provide a natural patina on most house floors where there is traffic.  For commercial applications, thicker blocks can be used for exterior cladding.

How to clean

You can use non-color enhanced sealers to provide a good coat of protection.  Your floors may need to be sealed from time to time.  Apply several coats of any good sealer.  We also recommend a bigger grout joint to allow for floor settlement and a more rustic look.

Natural color variation is expected in this material. Blocks from shallow quarries and layers have more natural contrasts in background and veining.


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