Marble is a metamorphic stone that played a vital role in classical architecture. The traditional uses included flooring, paving,  and wall coverings. Country Floors happily offers a finely tuned selection.

Marble has widely accepted use in residential and commercial tiling applications.

Residential applications include floor and wall tiles for floors in kitchens and backsplashes. It adds timeless beauty and elegance.  Marble lasts forever,  wears well, and as a result, it is a good investment. You can refinish most of it,  repair it, and reuse It.

Commercial applications include commercial space vertical walls, lobby floors, elevator facades. Many architects and designers chose marble to express their vision.

Slabs come with matching veins, and you can generate a dramatic painting feel to most walls.  In the hospitality sector, most bathroom floors, bathroom walls, and spa areas use marble.

Because it is easy to maintain, it becomes a valuable investment.

We recommend a professional installer. You should blend the tiles before installation, and dry lay them.  Use a good sealer after the installation.

Use a small grout joint, as well as a quality waterproofing material. Waterproofing is necessary to avoid residue seeping from the subfloor.

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