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Calacatta Gold Royal is one of the most sought after and elegant of the Italian white marbles. No wonder it graces the great palazzos of Italy, French chateaux and Great Britain’s stately manor homes. Like the grapes that become an exquisite Brunello or the white truffle that transforms a risotto, Calacatta Gold Royal is among the most extraordinary of nature’s gifts to arise from unique terrain of Tuscany and make life truly special. You often see it honed, but when polished, Calacatta Gold Royal exhibits even more contrast between its pristine white field and bold grey veining, and just that touch of warmth that distinguishes it from the others of its ilk. We offer it in tiles, mosaic and trim options, so you can artfully envelop an entire room in its clean, classic beauty.

Suitable for all vertical and horizontal interior applications, residential and commercial.

Installation note: Always use white thinset/mortar under this and any white marble.