38+ Black Tile Ideas To Add Elegance To Your Space

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When it comes to elegant home decor, nothing beats the simple sophistication of black tiles. Read on to discover our best alluring black tile ideas for your home or business.

1. Black Penny Tile

black penny tile

First on our list is this sleek black penny tile made from premium honed marble.

2. Black Slate Tiles

black slate tile

Embrace nature with this gorgeous black slate tile, which is perfect for black tile floor installations.

3. Black Porcelain Tiles

black porcelain tile

Our black porcelain tile is suitable for both flooring and wall installations and is low maintenance too.

4. Black Zellige Tiles

black zellige tile

Photo by Jessica Koltun HomeBrowse bathroom photos

Black zellige tiles are one of the most popular design choices of this year. Pair them with white zellige tiles for a black and white bathroom tile look.

5. Basalt-Look Porcelain Tile

basalt tile

Black basalt-look porcelain tiles have a gorgeous subtle texture that mimics natural stone. Install this as a black floor tile for a natural atmosphere.

6. Abstract Black Ceramic Tile

black backsplash tile

This swirled black backsplash tile made from ceramic has a modern, abstract swirled design.

7. Black Herringbone Tiles

black herringbone tile

Look at how this black herringbone tile, paired with black grout, creates a dark seamless look that matches perfectly with the other bathroom appliances.

8. Mini Black Hexagon Tile

black hexagon tile

This mini black hexagon tile made from ceramic creates a classic honeycomb look that’s perfect for modern interiors.

9. Black Bathroom Tile

black tile bathroom

This glossy black subway tile marries rustic and contemporary styles for a unique, standout black bathroom tile design.

10. Black Marble Tile

black marble tile

The natural veining of this honed black marble tile offers a stylish touch to this black tile bathroom look.

11. Black Subway Tile

black subway tile

This refined glossy black subway tile has a sleek, almost reflective finish that’s sure to be a standout.

12. Black Tile Backsplash

black tile backsplash

We love how this black marble penny tile stands out with white grout, creating the ideal black tile white grout look.

13. Black Bluestone Limeton

black limestone

For something more understated, consider this natural black limestone tile with its slightly navy undertone.

14. Black Bathroom Tile

black bathroom tile

This stunning honed marble black tile floor is paired with our equally beautiful black hexagon marble mosaic.

15. Black Porcelain Mosaic Tile

This glazed porcelain mosaic tile is a perfect fit for loft-style, industrial interiors.

16. Black Fluted Tile

black fluted tile

This fluted black marble tile is the ideal black lobby tile or black bathroom tile due to its textured finish.

17. Black Parquet Tile

black mosaic tile

We love this chic black parquet marble tile, which recalls French baroque designs.

18. Black Marble Subway Tile

black marble subway tile

Black subway tiles are very popular for good reason, and you can’t go wrong with this honed black marble subway tile.

19. Black Patterned Tile

black tile fireplace

If you’re seeking a standout design element, we suggest considering this totally unique black porcelain mosaic, which is perfect for black bathroom floor tile designs.

20. Black Concrete Look Tile

black porcelain tile

For something more minimalist, consider this black concrete-look porcelain tile. Durable and understated, it’s ideal for black floor tile applications.

21. Mid-Century Black Tile

black mosaic tile

There’s something so elegant and timeless about mid-century designs, like this honed marble crossed black mosaic tile.

22. Glossy Black Marble Tile

glossy black marble tile

If you prefer the classics, then you can’t go wrong with this 18×18 polished black marble floor tile. Pair it with white marble tiles for a black and white tile floor design.

23. Black Marble Backsplash

black marble backsplash

This brushed black marble tile has a textured finish that creates a more rustic, natural feel. It suits both black floor tile and black backsplash tile applications.

24. Black Square Mosaic Tile

black square mosaic tile

Ceramic black square mosaic tiles have long since been a statement of black bathroom tile and black shower tile designs.

25. Patterened Black Ceramic Tile

black ceramic tile

If you’re seeking to add more flair to your space, consider this abstract patterned black tile made of ceramic.

26. Black and White Marble Tile Mosaic

black mosaic tile

This marble black penny tile is one of our personal favorites due to its distinct white veining. Install it for a black tile bathroom design on your floor or wall.

27. Retro Black Marble Tile

black tile bathroom

This bold and stylish marble black and white patterned tile has an art-deco look that’s gorgeous.

28. Black Tile Floor

black floor tile

For something a little more simple, consider this black brushed marble tile floor that’s a great fit for a black tile fireplace or black tile floor design.

29. Black Hexagon Tile Bathroom

black hexagon tile bathroom

Matte black hexagon tiles are the perfect fit for modern bathroom designs. Consider installing a black hexgaon tile bathroom floor or use it for a black tile shower idea.

30. Black Rock Face TIle

black tile wall

This black marble rock-face panel creates a natural, earthy atmosphere that suits bohemian interiors.

31. Chic Black Floor Tile

black floor tile

This chic marble black tile works well for black backsplash tile or black flooring tile applications and has fine detailing that’s the definition of elegance.

32. Black and White Bathroom Tile

Black and white bathroom tile

The bold contrasting shades of this marble black and white mosaic tile certainly stand out and are the perfect choice for a black and white bathroom tile idea.

33. Black Marble Herringbone Tile

black herringbone tile

Unlike classic ceramic herringbone tiles, this black herringbone tile has natural variation because it is made of marble.

34. Glossy Black Ceramic Tile

glossy black ceramic tile

Glossy black ceramic subway tiles are ideal for their flawless finish and bold look.

35. Black Marble Subway Tile

black subway tile backsplash

For something a little more matte, consider this honed black marble subway tile.

36. Black and White Marble Tile

If you’re on the look for a black and white floor tile, look no further than this gorgeous triangular black and white marble tile.

37. Polished Black Marble Mosaic Tile

black bathroom tile

This black bathroom tile is a 1×1 black marble mosaic that recalls classic French interiors.

38. Diamond Black Tile

black and white mosaic tile

This stunning black marble mosaic tile has an asymmetrical diamond pattern that’s perfect for statement walls.

+1. Black and White Patterned Tile

black and white patterned tile

Be mesmerized by this black and white tile with its alternating pattern.

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