42 Gorgeous Marble Mosaic Tile Ideas

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There’s nothing more timeless than marble mosaic tiles. Long-lasting and incredibly stylish, marble mosaics add a natural chic atmosphere to interiors. Ranging in multiple shades, finishes, and styles, these tiles are incredibly versatile and suit a wide variety of interiors.

Let’s proceed with our 42 gorgeous marble mosaic tile ideas for bathrooms, kitchens, and more.

1. Gray Flower Marble Mosaic Tile

marble mosaic tile

We start our list with this gray and white flower marble mosaic tile, perfect as a marble mosaic tile bathroom floor.

2. Rhombus Lilac Marble Mosaic

marble mosaic

This stunning lilac rhombus marble mosaic is ideal for accent walls and marble mosaic backsplashes.

3. Black & Green Calacatta Marble Mosaic

marble mosaic tiles

The bold contrasting design of this black, white, and green marble mosaic tile works well with the brass faucet in this kitchen.

4. Split Black & White Marble Mosaic

marble mosaic floor tile

Similar to the mosaic tile shown above, this striking black and white marble mosaic tile creates a streamlined look that works well as a marble mosaic floor tile idea or marble mosaic backsplash.

5. Circle Multi Color Marble Mosaic

mosaic marble tile

The subtle tones of this concentric circle marble mosaic tile combines soft shades of natural brown with cool-toned grays for a neutral yet stylish mosaic tile.

6. Earth-Toned Diamond Marble Mosaic

marble mosaic backsplash

For something a little more vibrant, consider this earthy diamond marble mosaic tile.

7. Cream Marble Arabesque Marble Mosaic

marble mosaics

This cream-toned arabesque marble mosaic tile imbues rooms with a soothing atmosphere.

8. Gray & White Herringbone Marble Mosaic

marble tile mosaic

This understated yet stylish gray marble mosaic herringbone tile creates a neutral, versatile background for many bathrooms and kitchen spaces.

9. Cream & Brown Herringbone Marble Mosaic

mosaic marble tiles

The beige and white herringbone marble mosaic tile is the warm-toned alternative to the gray herringbone tile shown above.

10. White Herringbone Marble Mosaic

marble mosaic floor

Another herringbone marble tile option is this white, minimalist herringbone marble tile mosaic.

11. Gray Multi Finish Rhombus Marble Waterjet Deco

carrara marble mosaic tiles

This gray vein-cut marble waterjet deco offers a unique interpretation of classic mosaic marble tile.

12. Cross Vein Cut Marble Mosaic

marble mosaic floor

The woven cross pattern of this white vein-cut marble mosaic tile showcases the incredible natural variation in marble tile.

13. Hexagon White Marble Mosaic Tile

marble hexagon mosaic tile

If you want a blank slate for your floor or backsplash design idea, then this honed white marble hexagon tile is ideal.

14. Off White Amber Herringbone Marble Mosaic

white marble mosaic tile

The gentle amber-honed hues of this herringbone marble mosaic look incredible in natural light.

15. Calacatta Marble Penny Round Mosaic

If you’re seeking the perfect white Calacatta marble mosaic, then this white penny tile works well.

16. Honed Black Marble Penny Mosaic

honed marble mosaic tile

For something a little more bold, consider this honed black marble penny tile, which has white veining streaked throughout.

17. Woven White Marble Mosaic Tile

mosaic marble floor tile

This white and gray woven marble mosaic tile is ideal as a marble mosaic floor tile since it makes rooms feel more spacious.

18. Parquet Black Marble Mosaic Tile

waterjet marble mosaic

This black parquet marble mosaic tile is one of our personal favorites.

19. Gray Star Marble Herringbone

calacatta marble mosaic

This honed gray vein cut star marble mosaic offers a standout design for marble mosaic backsplash applications in both kitchens and bathrooms.

20. Handcut Blue Marble Mosaic Tile

blue marble mosaic tile

Ideal for rustic interiors, this handcut blue marble mosaic tile embraces artisanal style.

21. Half White Marble Hexagon Marble Tile

white marble mosaic

For something more modern, this split hexagon marble mosaic tile has a graphic, geometric look.

22. Beige Basketweave Marble Mosaic Tile

calacatta marble mosaic

If you’re seeking a way to make your kitchen or bathroom feel more welcoming, then we consider embracing the warm-toned look of these mosaic marble tiles.

23. White Polished Basketweave Marble Mosaic

flower marble mosaic tile

Basketweave is an incredibly popular design that looks elegant and understated.

24. Multicolored Blue, White, Black Diamond Marble Mosaic

mosaic marble floor tile

This blue, black, and white diamond mosaic marble tile is a great way of adding a standout artistic element to your kitchen backsplash.

25. Rainbow Square Marble Mosaic

green marble mosaic

Warm tones are finally coming into style, so embrace it with this multicolored earth-toned square marble tile.

26. White Multicolor Pillar Marble Mosaic

The pillar pattern of this marble mosaic creates the illusion of extending the height of the space.

27. Handcut Square White Marble Mosaic Tile

If you like the look of a white backsplash tile but want it to look more rustic, then this white handcut marble square tile is ideal.

28. Lilac & White Marble Pinwheel Mosaic

This gorgeous lilac basketweave marble mosaic is one of our standout pieces.

29. White Hexagon Calacatta Marble Mosaic

The bathroom pictured above is utterly timeless and showcases how you can mix and match a multitude of white mosaic tile designs for a cohesive, classic look.

30. Honed White Gray Hexagon Marble Mosaic

This honed marble hexagon mosaic tile is well-suited for modern interiors.

31. Violet Herringbone Marble Mosaic Tile

This violet and white marble herringbone mosaic tile offers a stylish touch of color.

32. Herringbone Green Marble Mosaic

There’s something about green marble mosaic tiles that is incredibly artful and charming.

33. White Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile

This white hexagon marble mosaic tile offers a twist on classic hexagon tile due to its multi-textured finish.

34. Contrasting Blue, White, and Gray Marble Mosaic

This contrasting gray and white triangle marble mosaic tile is soothing, making it ideal as a bathroom marble mosaic tile.

35. Polished Classic Black & White Basketweave

You can’t go wrong with a classic white and black basketweave design.

36. Illusionary White Marble Mosaic Tile

The undulating lines of this white marble mosaic tile create an illusion reminiscent of art deco design.

37. Blue, White, Black Square Marble Mosaic

This blue, white, and black marble mosaic tile is incredibly stylish and playful.

38. Terracotta & Marble Mosaic Tile

For something more earthy, consider this terracotta and black marble mosaic tile.

39. Modern Black & White Penny Tile

This black, white, and gray marble penny tile is a serendipitous match for contemporary, sleek interiors.

40. Textured White Marble Mosaic Tile

Choosing a textured marble mosaic tile is a great way of adding dimension to your space.

41. Beige Mid-Century Waterjet Marble Mosaic

This beige parquet-inspired marble mosaic tile naturally mimics the look of wood.

42. Minimalist Honed White Arabesque Marble Mosaic

Last but not least, is this white arabesque marble mosaic tile, which combines traditional and modern styles.

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