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Boise Porcelain Tile Collection

Introducing our new Boise Porcelain Tile Collection designed for a contemporary lifestyle. This new porcelain line stands for comfort, modern design and convenience.

As much as is possible, given that this is  wood visual, a fairly clean Minimalist approach is presented. We would like to think that this provides a canvas on which to paint your design plan. Naturally, the porcelain aspect of the collection allows for ease of upkeep.

Created with quality raw materials and state of-the-art technologies this collection delivers hard wearing, easy to clean surfaces that never lose their beauty. Our Boise Porcelain Collection offers a timely and timeless look and feel of wood with a wide selection of patterns and colors.

Design can be used at:
Backsplash • Commercial Interior Floors • Commercial Interior Walls • Backsplash • Residential Interior Floors • Residential Interior Walls • Shower Floors • Shower Walls •
* Usage recommendation must be confirmed by your installer and depends on application, installation methods and general suitability. Country Floors assumes no liability from any installation and usage recommendations.
Atalier Natural Porcelain Tile 12x48



Available in 6 different colors.
Atalier Natural Porcelain Tile 6x36



Available in 6 different colors.
Atalier Natural Porcelain Tile 8x48



Available in 6 different colors.
Atalier Anti Slip Porcelain Tile 9x36



Available in 10 different colors.