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When it comes to flooring, gray tiles truly cannot go wrong. Understated and versatile, it suits a wide variety of interior design styles and spaces, from minimalist modern to rustic farmhouses. Gray floor tiles for bathrooms and gray floor tiles for kitchens are available in a range of different designs, materials, and finishes. Gray porcelain tiles and gray marble tiles are only two examples of the types of flooring options available.

To ease your wide-ranging search for gray tile flooring, we have compiled a list of our most popular gray floor tiles of the past year. Read on to get interior design inspiration and links to top-selling products.

1. Matte Wood-Look Gray Porcelain Tile

First on our list is this chic wood-look gray porcelain floor tile. Effortlessly marrying natural and industrial styles, this porcelain tile mimics the look of wood. Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, it is a low-maintenance, water-resistant tile that is easy to clean.

2. Silver Honed Marble Floor Tile

This classic silver-honed marble floor tile encompasses classic marble flooring tile design. Incredibly elegant and timeless, this gray tile floor has a subtle beige hint, adding a warm tone.

3. Large Format Gray Limestone Tile

Limestone tile is a great option for someone seeking a minimalist, organic floor tile gray. The gray bathroom floor tile pictured above has been applied on both the walls and floors for a cohesive, minimalist look.

3. Veined Gray Marble Floor Tile

The rich variation in shades of gray in this marble tile is simply stunning. They create a bold veining pattern with natural stripes of gray. Each tile is utterly unique and striking, making for a great statement flooring option for a small bathroom.

4. Rock Gray Matte Porcelain Tile

This gray porcelain floor tile has a stone-look design that offers an understated, organic look to any interior. Pictured on this living room floor, the tile works well with a wide range of interior design styles and colors, from natural wood tones to more saturated hues.

5. Honed 12×24 Silver Marble Tile

The silvery hue of this stunning honed marble floor tile brightens rooms and makes spaces feel more spacious and open. The rectangular tile 12×24 creates a more streamlined look in homes. It’s a perfect option for bathrooms with gray tile floors.

6. Light Gray Pebbled Marble Mosaic Floor Tile

Bring a touch of antiquity into your home with this Roman-inspired pebble marble mosaic tile floor. Its honed multi-finish fragmented design creates the illusion of ancient aggregated cobblestone roads. This marble mosaic floor tile works well in entryways, patios, and bathrooms and provides a rustic, Mediterranean look.

7. Parquet Marble Waterjet Tile

This stunning blue-honed marble waterjet tile works incredibly well as a gray kitchen floor tile or gray living room floor tile. Inspired by baroque French parquet designs, it is a stunningly chic choice as a floor tile.

8. Silver Vein Cut Leather Marble Floor Tile

The leather finish of this vein-cut marble floor tile has a matte texture that is perfect for bathroom floor tile installations due to its anti-slip properties. Its sleek, contemporary design is elevated by the vein-cut design, which showcases the beauty of this natural silver-toned marble.

9. Gray Terrazzo Floor Tile

Terrazzo tile is a contemporary interior design trend that has been increasing in popularity over the past few years. A tile design that blends traditional and modern elements, terrazzo floor tile is highly versatile and adaptable. This neutral gray terrazzo tile is a hardwearing, durable floor tile option for homes with pets or children.

10. Gray Hexagon Floor Tile

The tile pictured in the bathroom above is a great option for a gray hexagon floor tile. Its matte ceramic tile finish makes it ideal for shower floor installations due to its anti-slip surface. For a more harmonious look, consider installing hexagon tile on both walls and floors.

11. Ash Honed Porcelain Tile

This dark gray floor tile works incredibly well in a modern kitchen layout. Its 12×24 sizing provides a large-format fit that makes spaces feel more open and spacious. It has a concrete-look for the ultimate contemporary industrial design.

12. Checkered Gray and White Floor Tile

Checkerboard floors are one of the most stylish designs to re-emerge in the past few years. If you prefer a more softer look than classic black and white checkerboard tile, then consider embracing the look of a gray and white floor tile. The floor pictured above alternates with square marble tiles from the Checkerboard Marble Collection.

13. Slate-Look Porcelain Tile

Understated and elegant, dark gray slate-look porcelain tiles perfectly balance organic and contemporary styles. The tile shown above has a contemporary chevron design that adds dimension to spaces without creating a distracting look. It has a slightly textured, natural design to embrace the look of slate.

14. Gray Wood-Look Porcelain Tile

Another porcelain tile design alternative, this wood-look porcelain tile has a neutral gray hue that works well in contemporary, minimalist spaces. It harmoniously balances the bolder white and black furniture in the room pictured above.

15. Blue-Honed Light Gray Marble Tile

The slight blue undertone of this silver-light-gray marble tile is simply stunning. It creates a light sense of airiness in rooms and naturally diffuses natural light. This rectangular marble tile has been installed in a chevron tile pattern to add an eye-catching dimension.

16. Silver Cloud Polished Marble Tile

The color of this marble tile is difficult to describe. It combines hues of silver, beige, white, and gray to create a color that works cohesively with both warm and cool color schemes. The room pictured above has a gray kitchen floor tile that adds a cool tone to the richer warm wood cabinets.

17. Full Grain Gray Marble Tile

A full-grain finish has a slightly rougher, more textured surface that is a fantastic choice for bathroom installations. If you’re searching for a tile that will not get slippery when wet, then this is as great as a gray shower floor tile.


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