Marsala Collection brings old-world vibe to a modern California family home.

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Marsala Collection brings an old-world vibe to a modern California family home. In this designer interview, we’ll talk about sister duo designers Susanna and Elaine.

There is nothing better for a company than receiving images from Designers and Architects proudly showcasing their finished project incorporating our materials. We always use our Social Media accounts to share these images as an inspiration for others and have decided it’s time to share more about the creative minds behind these projects, learn about the inspiration behind it, and what influenced the selection of our materials as the design took place.

We sat down to interview  Design4Corners, a sister duo comprised of Susanna and Elaina who are California based with roots in both Ireland and Mexico.

What inspired you to become an interior designer?

Our parents taught us to think for ourselves, to take care of others, and live to be happy. “Conformity is the hobgoblin of little minds,” our father used to tell us. That desire to be true to ourselves is what drives our designs. We inherit our love of design and creating beautiful spaces from our mother. Her eclectic taste and her appreciation for beauty. This is what inspired us to create spaces for people to thrive in and be happy. We learned it from our parents. It was natural for us to fall into this business.

Our travels, and exploring beautiful objects and materials, are what lead our designs today. Keeping things unexpected, vibrant, and inspiring is how we design.

What is your design style?

Possibly “Global Chic”.  A mix of old and new. Lots of texture, pattern, and color. All our designs are different and unique. We inspire our clients to dream big and then we help them achieve this look. Whether the look is something they have always yearned for or something they never knew they had inside of them. Our designs tell a story. Not our story, our client’s story.

Marsala Collection

Palermo Glazed Terracotta Decorative 8x8

Palermo Glazed Terracotta Decorative

Rogusa Glazed Terracotta Decorative 8x8

Rogusa Glazed Terracotta Decorative


When designing a home, what is your favorite room?

I think our clients’ favorite room tends to be our favorite room. That’s the challenge! However, a well-designed kitchen speaks to us, and then when the home has a cozy library or retreat. These rooms are juicy! The ones with a fireplace too!!!  We design them to make you never want to leave.

What was the source of inspiration for this particular project?

We took a cookie-cutter model home in the heart of Encinitas and created a completely custom-designed space the whole family could enjoy. Ashley and her husband Trey (clients) have a beautiful three-year-old girl and another one on the way! They are the ultimate California family if there is such a thing! Ashley loves the beach and her husband, Trey, is an avid surfer. They love Palm Springs and have many memories there (they got married there!). So we wanted to create a space that blended all the iconic “Cali” vibes together. A space that spoke to all their passions.

Marsala Collection

Key aspects for consideration when choosing Marsala Collection?

We knew we wanted something that had an old-world vibe, to bring a touch of history to the home. Like the hand-painted tiles that can be found all over the old California Missions and historical locations. However, in knowing our client it had to be clean and subtle at the same time. This tile was a no-brainer for us. The minute we showed her the Marsala Collection, she was sold. It was a quick decision. So we quickly moved on! This tile was probably the easiest decision we made during the whole 1-year process! HA!

Marsala Collection

How would you describe the end result?

We named this project: California Cool. And we think it exudes the different and eclectic vibes of California. A calming desert meets the moody blues of the ocean, meets the sandy beaches, and meets woody mountains. All these vibes are tied into one cool space for a young, youthful family.

What are your favorite materials or textures?

In this specific project the wood accents, the Marsala tile, and the bold marble countertops are what pops in this home. These are interesting materials and when blended together really make the space feel “California Cool”

Is there a design rule that you like to break?

We like to break them all! Ha! We stay away from following rules when it comes to designing. The minute you obey all the rules is when your designs start to look like everyone else’s! That was our philosophy while using the Marsala Collection.

What is the next trend you see as far as kitchen design and decor?

Bold-colored kitchen cabinets are coming back and making us excited! We look forward to this in 2019. As well as the mixing of cabinet types and cabinet materials. We are currently working on a few kitchens that have two different cabinet materials. These kitchens are being designed with no uppers. We like this look. It’s clean, simple and makes things more accessible. It also allows us to carry tile all the way up the wall for that real statement that most of our designs exhibit. Clients are also requesting all drawers and no cabinet! Another “functional” idea that also looks good!

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Photographer: Amber Thrane

Designers: Design 4 Corners

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