Designer Interview: Powder Room inspired by Mediterranean architecture

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Meet Irene Lovett, Principal behind designstiles, a company that was created with a desire to style one’s life. What started as a blog as a way to showcase her inspirations, slowly grew into a business. Irene thrives on creating unique rooms with stylish appeal. She believes design doesn’t have to be taken too seriously and that it’s okay to break the rules. She thrives on helping people express themselves through decor and aims at making the whole decor and design process less intimidating.

What inspired you to become an interior designer and what currently inspires you and is influencing your work?

Looking back at my childhood, I do think the design was innate. I thought it was normal to get excited about receiving furniture catalogs in the mail and assumed everyone rearranged their rooms periodically. After visiting anyone’s home, I would sit back and envision how I would change the space. One day when I was 9 or 10, my aunt asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, and said, I don’t know, a nurse. She responded with, you should be an interior decorator. The rest is history.

How would you describe your personal style?

I love rooms filled with color, pattern, quirky art, and vintage accessories. I like to think of my style as refined playfulness.

When designing a home, what is your favorite room?

I love kids’ rooms! I find adults to be less afraid of color and pattern in kids’ spaces and are more open to creating a fun and playful room their kids can grow into. My goal for kids’ rooms is to make them feel jovial without being too childish.

What was the source of inspiration for this project?

The home’s architecture is Mediterranean and wanted the room to feel like it was always a part of the home and the rest of the home’s design. The Marsala Collection was a good jumping-off point to source the rest of the products.

What were the key aspects for consideration when choosing our Marsala Collection for your project?

Cement floor tiles are all the rage right now. There are a lot of patterns I’ve seen make their round on Pinterest and Instagram; we wanted something that felt aged and old world. The hand-made terracotta with a crackle finish was a perfect option.

How would you describe the end result?

Beautiful, if I do say so myself. It’s a small space with lots of impact yet it has a calming feel.

What are your favorite materials or textures?

I love Onyx, it’s so gorgeous. I love the way the grasscloth provides subtle texture and the way unlacquered brass gives room for some patina.

Is there a design rule that you like to break?

Mixing unexpected color palettes. People are so worried about colors not matching and I always direct people to look outside. Stepping outdoors no one ever says, those cars don’t match with the trees or sky. Every color just works together seamlessly. When done right, interior spaces can also work seamlessly.

Is there a design trend that really stood out to you in 2018 and what do you think are the design trends for Spring 2019?

Darker, moodier kitchens. White is always classic but I saw bolder, richer kitchens with moody-colored cabinets and black countertops in 2018. Not sure it’s a trend yet but I’m thinking people will use singular artisanal fixtures over islands in lieu of 2-3 pendants. I’ve seen that look a few times and I think it will catch on quickly.

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