Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, Diamond tile collections from Country Floors

Posted On April 29, 2022

Diamond tiles are becoming ever-more popular in interior design. More of us are opting for unique tile shapes that carry a culture of opulence and deliberate design choice. But, tile stores usually ignore the best of what this shape can bring. Diamond tile mosaics, and 3D diamond tiles are all unique op-tions that can spice up this simple shape. If you’re going through a home renovation, these diamond shaped tiles from Country Floors can bring you some inspiration.

Why Go for a Diamond Shaped Tile?

If you usually opt for basic square or rectangular tiles, diamond tile shapes can add something new and rare. Better yet, the Country Floors diamond tile designs do this without losing a sense of sophis-tication in your spaces. Diamond tiles bring just that style and sophistication. If you’re undergoing commercial renovations, these new diamond tiles from Country Floors can achieve something fresh and unique. Diamond shaped tiles in an office setting, or as a commercial wall tile, add a welcoming touch.

As an architect or designer the simple shape can be perfect for pattern, especially more intense or unu-sual ones. Add something new to your home with a plain white Scandi diamond tile, and a bold trim. Or incorporate your choice of diamond tiles into much more niche stylings. Maximalist, eclectic, and transitional homes can all benefit from Country Floors diamond tiles.

Our Favorite Diamond Tiles from Country Floors

Black, Britannia, and Snow White Marble Tiles in the Penny Round Mosaic Collection

Penny rounds may seem like the complete opposite of diamond shaped tile. But, with this beautiful water-jet marble tile deco, you can have the best of both worlds. While penny rounds are traditionally art-deco and vintage, the black Britannia and Snow White marbles are sophisticated and mature. What can bring more grandeur to your home than polished marble? The diamond tile design, when laid on a wall or floor, is unmistakable. Beautiful repeating diamond tile pattern fills the space and holds the eye.

Snow White, Silver Clouds, and Artic Gray Tile in the Atelier Mosaic Collection

These diamond tiles are gorgeously unique, featuring an interesting design that brings something unique. The diamond tiles 3D appearance adds so much dimension and dynamism to a space. The tri-color marble tiling is bold, which is great if you’re opting for the diamond tile shape. Whatever you want to say with your style, the diamond tile mosaic is perfect to make a statement. This Country Floors tile design is perfect in diamond tile bathrooms, or as a diamond tile backsplash in the kitchen.

Penny Round Mosaic

Black, Britannia, Snow White Honed Penny Round Diamond 1 Marble Mosaic

Size:11 27/64x10 15/64

Atelier Mosaic

Snow White, Silver Clouds, Arctic Gray Polished Diamond 3d Marble Mosaic

Size:15 3/8x13 3/4

Colorful Diamond Tiles in the Catalina Ceramic Tile Collection

This option is a beautiful, true vintage find, for a living space that values colorful design. Say goodbye to white diamond tiles, the Catalina Ceramic wall tiles are fun yet polished. Introduce the Country Floors stunning royal blue, bold red and green diamond tile to your home. While Catalina Ceramic is more than suitable for a diamond tiles bathroom, this colorful diamond looks great in a warm kitchen. In commercial environments, try the diamond tile flooring for a welcome that combines coziness and class.

St Tropez Limestone Diamonds in the Baba Chic tile Mosaics Collection

The Baba Chic collection from Country Floors features many diamond tile mosaics. The St Tropez Limestone diamond tile is a mixture of unbeatable limestone color and texture. Featuring rich browns, blush pinks, and cheerful yellows, this diamond tile mosaic is much more fun than white diamond tiles. Cozy and inviting, and versatile too, this diamond shaped wall or floor tile works supremely within a Mediterranean interior style. You won’t find a diamond tile pattern like this anywhere else.

Catalina Ceramic Tile

464 Glazed Diamond Flower Ceramic Tile


Baba Chic Mosaics

St Tropez Honed Diamonds Limestone Mosaic


If you need any guidance on how and where to use diamond shaped tile in your home or workplace, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of expert interior designers, who can offer you invaluable tips and tricks for getting the most out of your natural stone wall tile.

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