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Limestone tile may not be the first image that we conjure up when thinking of sleekness and versatility. However, we at Country Floors feel this gorgeous natural stone tiling option has gone overlooked for far too long.

Some Much Needed Love for Limestone

Limestone floor tile is incredibly durable, and its longevity is almost unparalleled when it comes to natural stone surfaces. Limestone has always been the practical choice for flooring and other uses throughout history, first traceable to Israel in 7000BCE and the most common stone of choice for constructing the pyramids. Limestone has always been a material we can trust to do its job while looking stunning. This means that while it is an excellent choice for outdoor pavers, limestone tile is a great choice for high traffic or functional areas in the interior, creating a great cohesion between inside and outside, making it an excellent option for organic interiors too!

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Beaumaniere Leather Limestone Designed By Country Floors

Aside from this seamless style aided by limestone flooring, you may be reluctant to select a limestone tile based on this so-called versatility listed above. Selecting a hard stone commonly used outside or in workspaces might seem counterproductive when opting for a softer or more chic interior. However, this is where limestone truly demonstrates its sleekness. With multiple finishes available, it’s so easy to select a limestone floor tile that can fit right into a professional or homely interior, and the leather look Beaumaniere limestone tile is our personal favorite.


What Style Tile Works for You?

The Beaumaniere Leather limestone is an excellent choice for a variety of styles because it truly is timeless. This tile is commonly used in more modern interiors. Still, it fits right into mid-century contemporary, rustic, and even art-deco styles and can help add a tactile surface to your room and soften it with the gorgeous leather look. Of course, this flooring pairs perfectly with other black or tan leather pieces and industrial elements. However, it can also be used in a cozier interior, with light woods, statement furniture, and deep reds, pinks, and browns.

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Leather Limestone
rich results on Google's SERP when searching tiles for high traffic areas
Leather Limestone

The characteristic neutrals of limestone are not lost within this tile; in fact while the tone is truly unique when it comes to limestone flooring, the classic grey will pair with the color palette it is surrounded by. When used in a sultry, amorous interior, the tile shines in low lighting, adding to the sleek look, or in a bright room, the tile easily reflects light to bring a glow to the whole interior. And, in keeping with the unending practicality afforded to your home by limestone tiling, the grey tone is an outstanding choice for sleekness as it hides signs of dirt and aging.


The La Roche Collection


The collection that houses the leather limestone tiling is filled with a variety of other choices of sleek limestone floor options, each of which boasts a unique color and finish and countless possibilities to incorporate limestone into your home. For now, however, let’s focus on the Beaumaniere Leather limestone available in 2 different sizes to suit your project.

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Beaumaniere Leather Limestone

The square edge tiles provide a clean look, and the different tones between individual tiles add a contemporary touch while still maintaining a sleek flow. The leather look of the limestone flooring is a great, unique addition to any home that almost must be seen to be believed – the soft sheen is an incredibly rare find when it comes to limestone tiles, and the finish is expertly crafted each time to achieve that characteristic luster. With the faintest complements of bronze and warm brown woven into the grey leather, it’s impossible not to fall in love over again with these tiles, which continually provide something original and beautiful to an interior.

Beaumaniere Leather Limestone Tile 8x8

Beaumaniere Leather Limestone Tile


Shop the Collection

To view the entire collection of La Roche limestone tiles available on our site or our other natural stone tiling collections, click here! If you need any guidance on how and where to use natural stone tiles in your home or office, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of expert interior designers, who can offer you invaluable tips and tricks for getting the most out of your natural stone floor tiling interior.

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