• We stand for design, art, heritage, passing on skills, preserving tradition, and pioneering innovation.
  • We’ve spent a lifetime on a globetrotting mission to connect artisans with customers, honing our artist’s eye from the slopes of Mt Etna and the markets of Marrakech to the flatlands of the Netherlands.
  • We’re known for obsessing about the details… whether that’s finding a method to replicate the pattern on an antique dinner plate to tracking down a particular era of Japanese textiles to inspire our next collection…
  • We’re specialists in translating what’s in your mind’s eye, whether it’s a mermaid-inspired bathroom in shades of blue and silver, a classic kitchen splashback in beautiful hand-painted tiles, or a 20-ft custom mural…
  • We’ve been at the cutting-edge of design since 1964… the same year that The Beatles had a #1 with “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and Mary Quant’s mini-skirt became every woman’s favourite attire…
  • We connect you to the industry’s best designers, products, and brands. Whether you’re The Bellagio or a walk-in customer, we treat each project with the attention and respect it deserves.
  • We are relentless in our pursuit of perfect patterns, tactile touches, exquisite artwork, and dynamic design.
  • We stay as curious as the day we were founded, keeping a roving eye on developments in textiles, fashion, art and more, as well as the merging and evolution of new design ideas.
  • We put you at the heart of everything we do: our mission is to make your imagination a reality.