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Decorative tiles instantly evoke an artistic and chic atmosphere in homes. Perfect for kitchen backsplashes, accent walls, entryway floors, and shower tiles, decorative tiles are made from ceramic, porcelain, and terracotta and have intricate patterns with a standout design. Consider transforming your interior with an artistic and colorful decorative tile.

Whether you’re seeking a contemporary, minimalist decorative tile or something that recalls traditional artisanal tiles, here is our selection of the best decorative tile design ideas for 2024.

1. Contemporary Spotted Black & White Terracotta Tile

First on our list is this chic and understated black and white terracotta tile. Its charming minimalist design is ideal for modern interiors. If you are seeking an intricate decorative tile design, then hand painted ceramic tiles are certainly an alluring choice.

2. Traditional Blue and White Spanish Tile

Vibrant and welcoming, traditional Spanish tiles typically come in vivid shades of blue, white, and yellow. This glossy blue and white Spanish ceramic tile is ideal for kitchen backsplash designs.

3. Red Starry Ceramic Tile

This contemporary white and red ceramic tile has a celestial star tile that looks like a work of art. It is also available in a range of different colors, including blue.

4. Bohemian Textile Patterned Ceramic Tile

The soothing light tones of this traditional textile-inspired ceramic tile works well in nature-inspired interiors. Pair with hardwood floors and soft earth tones in your interior design.

5. Criss-Cross Dark Blue Ceramic Tile

Another modern decorative tile option, this dark blue crosshatch ceramic tile adds depth and dimension to interiors. This shower shown above beautifully pairs this dark blue ceramic decorative tile with elegant white marble tile floors.

6. Dark Medieval Ceramic Tile

The rich, dark tones and intricate symmetrical pattern of this tile are inspired by traditional English medieval tiles. Consider this tile for entryway floors or accent walls to add a gothic element to your space.

7. Modern Abstract Subway Tile

This ceramic subway tile with a swirling abstract design adds a chic element of playfulness to spaces. It looks incredible when paired with rose gold accents or muted hues of navy and rose.

8. Watercolor-Inspired Ceramic Mosaic Tile

The joyous, colorful hues of this pink ceramic mosaic tile are utterly stunning. This versatile tile looks incredible for kitchen backsplashes, shower walls, and more.

9. Symmetrical Mediterranean Blue and White Tile

A more minimalist interpretation of traditional blue and white tile, this stunning ceramic tile has a pleasing symmetrical pattern. Understated with natural tones, it is a perfect match for organic modern interiors.

10. Black and White Checkerboard Tile

Inspired by medieval tile designs, this black and white checkerboard tile combines modern trends with artisanal tile making. The result is an artistic decorative tile with a bold and stylish design.

11. Picturesque Ceramic Delft Tile

Originating in the Netherlands, Delft ceramic tiles are one of the oldest types of decorative tiles. They are available in a range of charming hand-painted country scenes.

12. Antique Patterned Brown Ceramic Tile

The intricate pattern of this earthy brown tile invokes antique, classical design. Ideal as a floor tile for hallways, offices, and living rooms, this rich brown ceramic tile creates depth and warmth in interiors.

13. Bold Floral Blue and White Ceramic Tile

An alternative to traditional Spanish tile that was #2 on our list, this blue and white ceramic tile has a bold, symmetrical floral pattern. Stylish and charming, it is inspired by the classic blue and white ceramic tiles found in Monet’s Giverny country home.

14. Traditional Portuguese Ceramic Tile

Another striking decorative Mediterranean tile, this yellow, blue, and green Portuguese tile is a standout. Perfect for homes in warm climates, it adds an element of color and vibrancy to interiors.

15. Abstract Matte Ceramic Tile

This matte ceramic tile has a uniquely abstract pattern inspired by topographic maps. A standout contemporary decorative tile design, it has an artistic look.

16. Baroque Antique Ceramic Tile

The rich tones of yellow, red, green, and black create a kaleidoscope of warm colors in this baroque antique ceramic tile. Its traditional pattern recalls the ceramic tiles often found in the entryways of English Georgian homes.

17. Neutral Leaf Pattern Terracotta Tile

This matte terracotta tile has a subtle leaf pattern that works well in minimalist spaces with an organic style. Its neutral color pallete makes it incredibly versatile, and it suits a variety of different color stories and designs.

18. Wavy Yellow Ceramic Tile

Taking inspiration from Japanese textile patterns, this yellow ceramic tile has an understated wavy pattern that creates harmony in spaces. Install it in your kitchen or bathroom to add lightness.

19. Floral Motif Victorian Decorative Tile

These intricate colorful tiles originate back in Victorian England, when ceramic and cement tiles became more affordable for everyday people to have in their homes. Victorians loved experimenting with colorful and detailed decorative tiles for their entryways.

20. Mediterranean Textile Ceramic Tile

Unlike the other Mediterranean tiles on this list, this understated patterned decorative tile has a textile, linen-inspired look with neutral earth tones. This calming tile works well in a variety of spaces and is ideal for flooring installations.

21. Bold Blue Leaf Ceramic Tile

The saturated blue tones of this blue and white ceramic tile stand out against the crisp white background. Ideal for bathroom and kitchen installations, this tile looks incredible when paired with white walls and furnishings.

22. Light Bohomian Terracotta Decorative Tile

Terracotta tiles naturally have a rustic, organic look to them since they are molded from earthbaked clay. Like this light bohomian tile demonstrates, they invoke authenticity and nature into spaces.

23. Spanish Medallion Ceramic Decorative Tile

Last on our list is another beautiful Spanish decorative tile design. This red medallion pattern adds an incredible element of detail that draws the eye in, making it ideal for accent walls. Note how it adds warmthness to this living room scene.

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