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Kasbah Ceramic Tiles
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The Stunning Kasbah Tile Trend

The genuine Moroccan tile pattern has become a big tiling trend in recent years, often including busy and intricate designs. Because these beautiful ceramic wall tiles are welcoming and lively in the home, inspiring a stress-free atmosphere with a touch of unique style. In addition, they are surprisingly versatile and dynamic in commercial spaces.

The Kasbah tile is a glazed ceramic tile with a rich, artisanal history and culture. Originally a Kasbah was a North African fort; however, now they are serene places of communion and conversation. The intricate decoration found in these quaint corners of cities often includes specially made wall and floor tile.

Brooklyn Glossy Ceramic Tile 4x4

Brooklyn Glossy Ceramic Tile

Sand Glossy Ceramic Tile 4x4

Sand Glossy Ceramic Tile

Butter Glossy Ceramic Tile 4x4

Butter Glossy Ceramic Tile


How Country Floors Revamped Moroccan Ceramic Tiles

At Country Floors, we think it’s time to revamp the Moroccan tiling trend to suit a more cosmopolitan tile market. Therefore, we created Kasbah tiles for the interior designer, architect, or homeowner who wants to benefit from the beauty of Moroccan tiles. However, these Moroccan ceramic tiles sport a plain, simple, and sophisticated color for the modern home.

The Country Floors designers maintain the Moroccan handmade tile tradition, so the Kasbah Ceramic collection has all the personality of authentic Moroccan tiles. Country Floors makes these tiles with a matte ceramic tile finish, over contemporary warm neutrals, and a handcrafted clay base. For the best Moroccan tile look, highlight the imperfect edges of Kasbah Ceramic tiles with a tight grout.

Kasbah Ceramic Tiles

Where to Use Country Floors Kasbah Ceramic Tile

The Kasbah Ceramic wall tile collection from Country Floors is suitable for all vertical interior applications, except wet areas. While a Moroccan tile bathroom might be out of reach, you can still create beautiful surfaces with these ceramic mosaics throughout the home. For example, a Moroccan tile fireplace is the perfect framing for a touch of warmth and style.

However, these tiles really shine in larger wall tile installations. Thanks to the pleasant and cheerful Kasbah tile colors, a Moroccan tile kitchen looks just stunning in a family home. Mix and match the Kasbah Ceramic tile for a patterned Moroccan tile backsplash or bedroom if you’d like the best of both worlds. Moreover, the Kasbah Ceramic wall tiles are excellent for creating subtle surfaces that you can build a setting and mood upon in a commercial setting. So the Moroccan tile pattern and its monochrome nature are simple and chic in an office renovation, combining function and aesthetics.

Kasbah Ceramic Tiles

A Closer Look at the Kasbah Ceramic Tile Collection

Sand – A golden-yellow neutral that sings under the ceramic tile glaze. For instance, in a Moroccan tile kitchen, this tone is comforting yet energetic. Paired with a white Moroccan tile, the contrast in tones is particularly cottage style—something you may not first expect from a Moroccan tile pattern. However, it looks amazing on the walls.

Butter – This smooth, pale neutral is a shining example of how Moroccan tile can be reimagined for modern home renovation. The flowing edges are endearing, while the tile color is gentle under the glaze. As a Moroccan tile backsplash, this color is just perfect because nude colors are in great demand.

Antique Gray – This gleaming silver tone would look sublime with a deep blue Moroccan tile. Paired with traditional porcelain and stainless steel, this tile from Country Floors fits perfectly at home as a Moroccan tile bathroom. In the same vein, try a whole wall Moroccan tile wallpaper effect in the bedroom for something more unusual.

Royal White – The Kasbah collection from Country Floors wouldn’t be complete without a bright white Moroccan tile. This is different from ceramic wall tiles, with the simple bright white acting as a field tile for a Moroccan tile mosaic. Above all, this tone opens a world of possibilities, including a distinctive black and white Moroccan tile pattern.

Brooklyn – A beautiful pale blue-green synonymous with our much-loved subway tiles. Firstly, it is great for natural interiors or industrial interiors with copper and brass. For instance, the contrast with fiery browns makes it the perfect Moroccan tile fireplace. As a pale blue Moroccan tile backsplash, this is a perfectly characteristic Moroccan tile for sale.

Satin Cotton – The authentic matte finish of these tiles makes this cold white sparkle in natural light so this makes it the perfect trending tile to create a modern Moroccan tile kitchen. Although pure white Moroccan tile is rare in the market, it is well-known fact that making some Moroccan tile patterns unique for your space.

Shop the Full Collection

To view the full collection of Kasbah Ceramic wall tiles available on our site, or our other natural stone tiling collections, visit our minimalist tiles design! Above all else, if you need any guidance on how and where to use Moroccan ceramic tile in your home or workplace, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of expert interior designers, who can offer you invaluable tips and tricks for getting the most out of your natural stone wall tile.

Antigue Gray Semi Matte Ceramic Tile 4x4

Antigue Gray Semi Matte Ceramic Tile

Royal White Glossy Ceramic Tile 4x4

Royal White Glossy Ceramic Tile

Satin Cotton Matte Ceramic Tile 4x4

Satin Cotton Matte Ceramic Tile

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