How to Create Walls That Shimmer With Tiles Inspired By Gemstones

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Gemstone jewelry inspired tiles are the tiles that will shimmer on your walls like gemstones. Natural stone tiles like mother of pearl, which you’ll find in some of your favorite jewelry stores, are a brilliant way to add personality and sophistication to your home.

Designers using tiles to add shimmer

Gemstone Jewelry Inspired Tiles

There’s something quintessentially Miami about shimmering natural stone tiles. Mostly because they’re used in high-end beachfront properties, which is reflected in some of the recent interior projects that have been catching our eye.

Fort Lauderdale-based designer Michelle Bultman, who owns Bultman Architecture, has used shimmering tiles for years, in a multitude of designs up and down the East Coast. Michelle’s design aesthetic strives to bring the outdoors in, and these tiles help to do just that.

Kelly Cleveland, the renowned interior designer and Illinoian, focuses on high-end residential developments. Shimmering natural stone tiles are one of her go-to materials in the kitchen and bathroom, which you can see in her splashbacks and decorative vanity backdrops.

Finally, renovators Gleason & Tankard, who are in fact based in Miami, create homes that embody everything we love about the city: the coast, the outdoors, and the celebration of the contemporary. These guys love neutral palettes and often use natural stone to add texture to a room.

How you too can create eye-catching interiors

There are dozens of ways you can use shimmering tiles to transform your home, whether it’s in the bathroom, the kitchen, or elsewhere. The main consideration when committing to an aesthetic that makes a statement is the theme. Nothing can go wrong if you stick to your theme and make it consistent.

Gemstone Jewelry Inspired Tiles

Consistency is important in a home as it helps to create comfort. Therefore this means you can stroll around your home and relax from room to room. Without consistency, you run the risk of creating a harsh environment. So that your brain must continuously adjust to, which makes it difficult to relax.

But don’t be fooled… Consistency doesn’t mean plain and boring. There are many ways you can create an enticing environment, namely with shimmering tiles and the right theme.

Minimal Metallic

Gemstone Jewelry Inspired Tiles

If there’s one thing hotels in places like Dubai do well, it’s minimal metallic.

Often what this aesthetic entails is using neutral palettes that are then elevated with subtle notes of metallic, like gold and silver. Sometimes the metallic addition comes in the form of furnishings. Yet often it’s seen in the choice of marble – marble in the lobby, the bedrooms, and the bathrooms.

A fantastic way to get a similar look in your home is with our marble waterjet decos with brass accents, which allow you to create walls that shimmer while retaining your design’s minimal essence.

These tiles work particularly well in the bathroom. Use them on your walls from floor to ceiling and dot complementing metallic decorations, like candle holders, around to complete the look.

Under the Sea

There’s nothing quite like “Mother of Pearl” to create a fantastical, underwater-inspired backdrop to your interior. Mother of Pearl has an iridescent finish that shimmers in the light, beaming all sorts of sumptuous tones across its surface: blue, violet, pink, cream, and many more.

You can use our mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles, which are available squared or scalloped, to create a striking bath surround or kitchen splashback.

Better still, use these tiles in a wet room or shower room to create a statement feature. Lay the tiles floor-to-ceiling in one area of your bathroom with access to plenty of natural light for the full effect. After that set them against ocean-blue tiles elsewhere to embrace the underwater vibe.

You can further enhance the effect of these tiles by placing top lighting above the area where the tiles are. This means you can continue to enjoy their iridescent well into the night.

Ocean Vista

Shimmering tiles evoke the ocean, which is what draws designers to them, especially in coastal properties where they want to bring the outdoors in.

One tile material that captures the imagination of those seeking an ocean vista is onyx. You may know this material for its darker variants. But onyx comes in a variety of colorways, one of which is pale and sandy. This is the onyx we use in our tiles.

You can lay our golden onyx tiles on the floor and walls throughout your bathroom, and even use them to cover a built-in bathtub for a seamless finish that’s reminiscent of a Florida beach.

Add linen window coverings and a few potted baby palms to your bathroom to complete the look.

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