Glass tiles and mosaics are used by designers in many decorative spaces like backsplashes and bathroom walls. No single design element in this industry can bring to bear as formidable a color package. Country Floors offers a stunning selection of modern glass mosaics and tiles.

There are many types of glass used in the surface covering the industry. Back painted, solid stained, or poured are some of the varieties. They all provide vibrant colors and dynamics to wall covering applications. Also, there are multiple thicknesses. You can have solid sheets that are 3/8" thick or thinner sheets that are laminated. Most of the thin material is not floor rated and should be walls only.

Furthermore, it has no size and shapes limitations.  Subway tile, Arabesque shapes, linear mosaics are all available in hundreds of colors. Sicis and Oceanside are some of the most popular manufacturers with hundreds of colors and designs.  Sicis also started manufacturing laminated material with fabric designs between two sheets. Stone and glass is another trend providing endless combinations of mosaics, staggered styles, basketweave designs.

A word of caution about mixed media must be kept in mind. Composite media materials such as stone and glass require different types of thin-set and sealers.   You should install your glass tiles with an excellent thin-set such as Ardex. Please make sure to waterproof so that the colors remain vibrant.

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