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Los Angeles Stone & Tile Trends

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Los Angeles Stone & Tile Trends are always a source of great conversation and debate. The sheer speed with which trends come and go in this mega market make it very difficult to sensibly determine what is a long-term cycle versus a mere short-term spike. One thing is for sure and that is the value of the real estate market. Since real estate values tend to heavily influence Stone and Tile trends this is worth noting and understanding. Please take a look at the chart below from Zillow that places Los Angeles as the richest real estate market in the country.

Los Angeles Stone & Tile Trends

However, there is something else to consider and that is the arrival of a new generation as described here: “’We’re on the other side of the housing recovery, and the real-estate market looks quite different than it did 15 or even five years ago,” said Zillow chief economist Svenja Gudell. “We have a huge generation entering the market. They really want to be homeowners, and they’re faced with an inventory crisis that leaves them with few options.”

Los Angeles Stone & Tile Trends

Given all these real estate market realities, it is even more important than ever for Stone & Tile buyers to make good solid choices when it comes to their home finishes. In any design plan, there are items, such as paint & wallpaper, that can obviously be swapped as trends come and go. Stone & Tile, on the other hand, are solid durables that, when  properly selected, become a true investment. This is highly germane for a generation of homeowners about to make a big step and for high-end homeowners in general. It is a point we strive to make to all the clients in our Melrose showroom interactions.

Los Angeles Stone & Tile Trends will ebb and flow but a few Country Floors elements will always have their moment is the proverbial design sun. We have added imagery of two of them in this post. Reclaimed Terracotta immediately above and classic Portuguese Blue Tile in the middle of the post. Thanks for reading.

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