New Luxury Stone Mosaic: The Atelier Collection

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Stone mosaic making doesn’t come easily. It is a privilege to be in the business of crafting fine materials. There is also a certain weight of responsibility that comes with being engaged in the decorative arts. Especially when your product becomes part of the built environment of luxury homes, hotels, and public places the world over. It is part of the structure, what design professionals refer to as “the envelope,” the part that won’t change over time but rather must be designed for timelessness. The stone artisans at Marble Systems (Country Floors’ esteemed sister brand) take this responsibility seriously. They know that stone mosaics from many centuries ago are still beautifully in place in historic homes and landmark heritage sites globally. It is in that spirit that they have created our newest offering: The Atelier Collection.

Atelier Collection Stone Mosaics by Marble Systems at Country Floors
Rhomboid Blend, a nod to mid-century classicism, from the Atelier mosaic collection.


The Atelier Collection of natural stone mosaics combines stone craft techniques from antiquity with a mix of classic, modern and transitional patterns. This remarkable family of mosaics is offered in a variety of beautiful marble and limestone combinations.

Atelier Collection Stone Mosaics by Marble Systems at Country Floors
Pillar, an interpretive abstraction of classic architectural columns is comprised of simple geometric shapes energized by the movement and veining of fine marble.


Some styles harken architectural themes. The pillar, above, is a take on the columns of antiquity. Cascade takes on the look of tiny, bi-colored, beveled bricks. Others exhibit in stone some time-honored themes of artisanal handcraft. Raya Basket and Basketweave both hail from the world of fine woven goods, be they reed or textiles.

In two patterns, Steps 3D and Diamonds 3D, a clever mix of three natural stone colors along with a texture mix of matte-honed and brilliant polished finishes is employed. This creates the optical illusion of a third dimension.

Atelier Collection Stone Mosaics by Marble Systems at Country Floors
Trompe l’oeil stone mosaics suggest a third dimension. Steps 3D and Diamond 3D from the Atelier Collection.


The artisans in the Atelier atelier (see what we did there?) are masters in the realm of stone mosaic making. We believe their passion for the medium is evident in every carefully cut piece, Their attention to detail shows up in all of the meticulously placed, interlocking tesserae of the Atelier Collection, resulting in a range of elegant designs that are more than the sum of their parts. The Atelier Collection has a mosaic pattern for every style. They are suitable for horizontal and vertical applications in residential or commercial design installations, including wet areas.

Atelier Collection Stone Mosaic at Country Floors
Maze Basket, from the Atelier Collection of natural stone mosaics.




As ever, we can’t wait to see how you use the Atelier Collection. Please share all of your latest Country Floors installations with us by tagging @country_floors on Instagram. And be sure to follow us for the latest news and fun industry happenings.

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