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The Inherent Allure of Lantern Tile

Bold and beautiful, the Country Floors Nova Water-jet floor tile collection combines a stunningly distinctive shape, with marble and glass material to easily achieve a strikingly sleek interior. The gorgeous lantern-shaped wall and floor tiles are manufactured using water-jet tile-cutting techniques. This technique ensures a precise and intricate finish with no abnormalities – a perfect tile every time.

Pseudo-Arabesque tiling may be seen as a quick fix, too much of a passing trend to truly take the plunge on and implement into your own home. However, these gorgeous and charmingly shaped stone tiles are the perfect out-of-the-box pick for a truly unique flooring choice. You can achieve the perfect alignment with lantern-shaped tiling, coupled with the suave stone framing. This pattern was a staple of Arabic interior design for centuries. This is one of the easiest ways to elevate and add a touch of class to any room.

Why Choose Marble and Glass Lantern Tile?

Glass and marble are two materials renowned among interior designers for their longevity and versatility of style. The tile’s finish is bold and textured. It offers a pattern of organic and manufactured material that draws and holds the gaze. For use in modern designs with steel, aluminum, or glass interiors, this collection offers a serene and clean feeling. When coupled with bold colors and wood or natural stone elements, the lantern-shaped tiles really come into their own. They complement an overall quirkiness, yet still maintain an air of quality.

The range of colors means that there is definitely a Water-jet lantern tile that can fit your existing interior style. Or if you’re undergoing complete renovations, you can find the perfect, bespoke tile to incorporate into your new home. While the bold nature of these particular tiles may turn heads, not everyone will be willing to deck out the whole wall or floor with these tiles just yet. This is just as well, as the Nova Water-jet tiles from Country Floors are perfectly suited for use in smaller decorative placements to highlight particular areas, or for practical uses in the kitchen and bathroom.

The Nova Water-Jet Collection

There are 39 different color combinations within our Nova Water-jet tile collection. Below we have selected a few favorites that might get your ideas flowing. Among the collection, the tiles are available in two shapes; Swan, an elongated lantern shape tile with sharp points at the top and bottom, and Lydia, a more rounded lantern tile shape with a full border. However, be sure to check out the Nova Waterjet Collection to find your perfect tile.

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Swan Bosphorus, Britannia Honed Limestone Waterjet Decos 4 7/8x7 11/20

Swan Bosphorus, Britannia Honed Limestone Waterjet Decos

Swan Bosphorus, Champagne Honed Limestone Waterjet Decos 4 7/8x7 11/20

Swan Bosphorus, Champagne Honed Limestone Waterjet Decos



Bosphorus Champagne Swan

A warm and dark brown centerpiece creates a luscious draw when we use these tiles in rooms with heaps of natural light. It is perfectly crowned with pearly edging at the top and bottom of the tile to give the whole thing a versatile and elegant tone.

Aspen White Equator Lydia

This sweet lantern tile incorporates a bold pop of color in a beautiful moss tone, It is perfect for use in spaces where a connection to nature is the goal. However, while the color is unique it is not hard to incorporate into an interior. Thanks to the beautiful center of high-quality Aspen White marble. This tile works best when paired with light wood floors and furniture.

Bosphorous Britannia Swan

With a darker tone overall, this particular Nova Water-jet tile offers a sumptuously warm glass framing. It surrounds a statement honed limestone interior, complete with the beautiful organic patterning and line-work that comes from natural stone tiling.

Lydia Aspen White, Infinite Iridescent Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos 5 13/16x7 11/16

Lydia Aspen White, Infinite Iridescent Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos


Aspen White Sugar Iridescent Lydia

Lydia lantern tile is one of the lighter options in the collection. It combines glossy and matte finishes, with glass and marble materials for the best of both worlds. With a subtle beige border and a gorgeous Aspen interior, this tile is perfect in places where a light atmosphere reigns, such as in the master bedroom, or kitchen.

Shop the Full Collection

You can view the full collection, and find our classy waterjet tiles. If you need any guidance on how and where to use marble and glass water-jet tiles in your home or office, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. Our team of expert interior designers can offer you invaluable tips and tricks. So that you can get the most out of your lantern-shaped tiling interior. Find our closest tile showrooms.

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