Tile Colors for Fall 2019

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Summer now begins to drift into fall. Despite the amazingly hot summer that we have experienced the calendar does not lie. If the topic is, Tile Colors for Fall 2019, what might we then expect?

One can argue that color trending in the fashion industry does not exactly merge into the consciousness of the ceramic tile space. But no one can deny, at the very least, that fashion color trend and design color trend breathe the same creative air. That said, New York Fashion Week is just ahead of us. Pantone put together a series of colors for the event. The mix includes not only a selection of aggressive accent colors, but also a few “Classic” color values. Pantone suggested: “This season’s core shades are strong enough to stand alone or work equally well as a foundation for distinguishing color contrasts.”  Take a peek below:

Tile Colors for Fall 2019
via Pantone

Now, enter Country Floors as a national purveyor of fashion forward ceramic tile. As a durable finish, not subject to yearly change, we have posted a few items from our collections that are of the “core shade” type as indicated by Pantone above.

Tile Colors for Fall 2019
Bella Muro Ceramic Tile

At the top of this post is a group of colors from our Stellar Ceramics Collection that serve as “core” components in almost any design plan. Then immediately above is a slightly more aggressive neutral for your consideration. Color is always fun and ceramic tile provides color at Country Floors. Thanks for reading.

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