Trend Watch 2015: The Look Of Wood

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In our previous blog post about trends to watch in 2015, we covered the return of the Hexagons  as a popular shape. Continuing with our Trend Watch 2015, another look that made quite an impact in the industry this year and continues to be very popular are the look of wood porcelain tiles.

The wood like porcelain tiles are a great fit for both interior and exterior environments that lend to a unique appearance. Over the years the quality of the wood pattern print into porcelain tiles has become so good it manages to reflect the beauty of real wood and its individual characteristics like knots, creaks and rings. This elegant looking easy to clean alternative to real timber is even turning the authentic wood enthusiasts around. Whether you are looking to cover the entire living area, a kitchen floor or a cozy exotic look for your bathroom, wood like porcelain tiles can convey that effect and be extremely durable as well.

Country Floors has an impressive selection of wood like looking porcelain tiles, variating in many colors and sizes; see below for a list of our favorites!

Country Wood Porcelain

Offers the look and feel of real wood with a beautiful honed finish. Applicable for floor or wall covering, this tile collection adds a modern edge to any room in your home.

Essenze Collection

Is a unique surface for modern interiors. The collection maintains a strong sense of creativity with a nod to nature and design sophistication. The gentle wood visual that it presents allows for a great deal of flexibility for the design entities while adding the technical aspect of the rectified dimensional tolerances.

 Quarry Stone Porcelain Collection

Brings all the mature physical qualities that a product as reliable as porcelain tile can bring to a design plan. This is a finely rendered collection with a rectangular size available that contributes to patterning and banding in a modern space.

Is a full colored body porcelain tile, making this ideal for high traffic environments. With the resemblance of natural wood, this collection is suited for wall and floor covering making any design beautiful and modern. These porcelain tiles are available in different sizes and four amazing colors.

Trevi Porcelain Collection

Features three beautiful cool color tones in a honed finish. Originating from Italy, the dramatic veining with infinite hues defines its modern beauty. Applicable for flooring or wall covering, this porcelain is sure to make a unique statement to any design.

The Vecchio Cemento Collection

Leverages the current stylistic sentiment for a cool, studio/loft edginess of design. The visual presented is one of a concrete poured floor complete with the subtle imprints and interesting textures that would be typical of that floor finish.

Stay tuned as we will be covering more 2015 trends in our upcoming blog posts:

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