Umbria Waterjet Collection

Umbria Waterjet Collection

With a level of pure elegance that feels rare in the modern world, these natural stone mosaics create an artful finish with fresh new patterns drawn from the rich legacy of ancient Etruscan and Italian Renaissance architecture.

In a twist made possible with waterjet technology, in some patterns, natural stone is deftly combined with touches of immaculately glazed ceramic. This creates a subtle and delightful contrast of materials while allowing for the introduction of pure, solid colors that can’t be achieved with stone alone. Look for beloved elemental shapes from the old world: The iconic quatrefoil and fleur de lis, the arc, heart, tulip, leaf and petal, are iterated newly in patterns that harken a lost world of splendor and finesse.

As these classic shapes interlock and weave their way across walls or floors, they become a soothing

reminder of the permanence and timelessness of impeccable craft.

Design can be used at:
Backsplash • Commercial Interior Floors • Commercial Interior Walls • Backsplash • Residential Interior Floors • Residential Interior Walls • Bath Floors/walls • Shower Floors • Shower Walls •
* Usage recommendation must be confirmed by your installer and depends on application, installation methods and general suitability. Country Floors assumes no liability from any installation and usage recommendations.

Chase Bianco Dolomiti, R003, R0012 Polished Marble Waterjet Decos

$123.75 / pcs.
Stock:96.00 pcs.

Elain Skyline, Snow White, R007 Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos

$258.75 / pcs.
Stock:96.00 pcs.

Valentin Calacatta Amber, Black, J13 Polished Marble Waterjet Decos

$168.75 / pcs.
Stock:92.00 pcs.

Estelle Calacatta Amber, J13, R1057 Polished Marble Waterjet Decos

$123.75 / pcs.
Stock:91.00 pcs.

Azalea Ivory, Silverado, R010 Honed Filled Travertine Waterjet Decos

$148.50 / pcs.
Stock:80.00 pcs.

Colette Glacier, Lilac Light, Snow White, J19 Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos

$123.75 / pcs.
Stock:40.00 pcs.

Esme Snow White, Calacatta Green, E1620 Polished Marble Waterjet Decos

$123.75 / pcs.
Stock:28.00 pcs.

Celine Snow White, Calacatta Green, Red Laguna Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos

Stock:Inquire for availability.

Quincy Calacatta Green, Snow White, E1620 Polished Marble Waterjet Decos

Stock:Inquire for availability.