Veranda Decor Magazine May 2018 Featuring Marsala Collection

Veranda Decor Magazine
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Check out the newest Veranda Decor’s Simply Chic in Veranda Decor Magazine May/ June 2018 issue.

Country Floors is pleased to be a part of the foreign intrigue feature, representing our wonderful Marsala Collection. The foreign intrigue editorial encourages readers to use exotic patterns and textured tile for beautiful backsplashes, counters, and floors. We couldn’t agree more with the Veranda Decor editor, a pop of color or pattern can not only refresh any room but also add an eye-catching element to any space.

Our Marsala Collection takes inspiration from a 19th and 20th Century Sicilian artistic genre. Marsala’s baldosa style pays homage to the lively, imperfect nature of the originals. Given the unique history of Sicily, which has been the epicenter for various cultures and populations. Inspired by the architecture of this fabled island our Marsala Collection represents various styles in a rich crackle finish, hand-painted details, and distressed beauty.

To check out the article, visit Veranda Decor Magazine’s website.

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