We are very happy to introduce our Vihara Glass Tiles Collection to our many clients and friends within the Country Floors orbit.

This hand-crafted, post-consumer glass product yields a unique and individually arresting visual appearance in each and every tile.

The eco-friendly nature of the glass comes from the fact that post-consumer glass has actually reached the consumer, been used, been discarded, and then diverted into this secondary purpose as tile. Please enjoy this material from both the design perspective and the environmental one.


Usage recommendation must be confirmed by your installer and depends on application, installation methods and general suitability. Country Floors assumes no liability from any installation and usage recommendations.

Comm. Interior Walls

Res. Interior Walls

Shower Walls

Basho Iridescent 1/2x1 1/4 Glass Mosaics 12 3/4x12 1/4

12 3/4x12 1/4x15/64

1/2x1 1/4

Available in 18 different colors.
Basho Iridescent 1/2x1/2 Glass Mosaics 12 3/4x12 3/4

12 3/4x12 3/4x15/64


Available in 10 different colors.
Basho Iridescent 1x1 Glass Mosaics 12 3/8x12 3/8

12 3/8x12 3/8x15/64


Available in 18 different colors.
Basho Iridescent 1x4 Glass Mosaics 12 1/4x9 7/8

12 1/4x9 7/8x15/64


Available in 18 different colors.
Basho Iridescent Ehex Glass Mosaics 12 7/8x9 7/8

12 7/8x9 7/8x15/64


Available in 18 different colors.