What Is Glazed Terracotta Tile? Let Us Explain With Designs

glazed terracotta tile
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Think of terracotta tiles like natural clay tiles baked at a high temperature. They have a beautiful, earthy look but because they’re unglazed, they can soak up liquids easily. Glazed terracotta tiles, or terracotta glazed tiles, are essentially the same but with a special glassy coat added on top. This glaze fills in the tiny holes in the clay, making the surface smooth, waterproof, and perfect for kitchen tiles, bathrooms, or any area prone to spills. So, while both glazed and unglazed terracotta tiles boast the same classic aesthetic, glazed ones, including ceramic terracotta tiles and glazed clay tile options, are tougher and more suited for wet environments.


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What are the Advantages of Using Glazed Terracotta Tiles?


  • Stays Dry: The biggest difference is the glaze itself. It acts like a waterproof seal, stopping liquids and stains from soaking into the tile. Regular terracotta tiles, because they are unsealed, can absorb spills more easily, making them trickier to clean. A glazed terracotta tile, however, remains impervious to this challenge.


hexagon backsplash tile


  • Effortless Cleaning: Glazed tiles are a breeze to keep clean! The smooth surface lets you wipe away spills and dirt with ease. Unglazed terracotta might require a bit more elbow grease to remove stains, but a glazed terracotta tile simplifies maintenance significantly.


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  • Goes Anywhere (Almost): Since glazed tiles repel water, they’re perfect for damp areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Regular terracotta is a better fit for drier spaces or outdoor areas where a natural look is desired, making outdoor terracotta tiles a versatile choice for various settings.


gray subway tile


  • Colorful Choices: Glazing opens the door to a world of color and design! You can find glazed terracotta tiles in all sorts of shades and patterns, giving you more flexibility to match your design vision. Regular terracotta offers a classic, earthy color palette that complements rustic interior design aesthetics, but glazed terracotta colors bring vibrant life to any space.


glazed terracotta tile


Explained with Designs – The Ultimate Inspiration Guide for Glazed Terracotta Tiles


Many different colors, many different designs, and shapes… Terracotta tiles, including glazed terracotta tile options and outdoor terracotta tiles, exist to provide you with exactly these, serving as interior design elements or durable outdoor tiles. With their appealing terracotta colors and patterns, terracotta tiles are always excellent choices for both appearance and durability. Let’s explore where these natural terracotta tiles are used and get inspired!


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1) Glazed Terracotta Floor Tiles


hexagon floor tiles


Who said glazed terracotta tiles are not suitable for being floor tiles? Just like natural terracotta tile, it is possible to add a completely different atmosphere to your home or commercial space with the unlimited color scale and different shapes of glazed terracotta tiles! If you’re looking to instantly turn a pure white bathroom into a fun room with hexagon terracotta tiles, these tiles will be your biggest helper.


2) Terracotta Tile Backsplash


emerald green tile


In our opinion, a backsplash is one of the interior design elements that make a kitchen or bathroom look most stylish, in addition to its ease of use. You can give your kitchen a new personality with emerald green tiles or have the kitchen of your dreams with other color options. Who would have thought of enriching a pink kitchen with green? With a variety of glazed terracotta backsplash options, the possibilities are endless.


3) Fireplace Tiles


arabesque tile


When you gather your cold guests around the fire in winter, wouldn’t you love for everyone to ask, “Where can I buy terracotta tiles?” As an example of a unique design, fireplace tiles can be personalized with this type of terracotta and attract all attention just like the blue arabesque tiles in the example do.


4) Hexagon Terracotta Tile


hexagon backsplash tile


We have all learned that hexagon tiles are fun and stylish at the same time. So where to use them? You can achieve timeless but fun designs at the same time with white hexagon backsplash tiles that you can add to your kitchen. It is possible to achieve a pure and stylish interior design with beige or gold details, especially when incorporating white-glazed terracotta tile options for a crisp, clean look.


5) Shower Wall Tiles


terracotta shower wall tiles


Elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic with shower wall tiles, a perfect canvas to infuse personality and color. Glazed terracotta wall tiles stand out as a water-resistant choice, offering a vibrant look. For a touch of bohemian flair, consider pairing brick-tone terracotta wall tiles with beige walls and flooring.


6) Black Terracotta Tile


black terracotta tile


Transform your bathroom with the elegance of black terracotta tile, a single element capable of defining your dream space. These glazed terracotta tiles work beautifully against white bathroom cabinets, creating a bold yet harmonious look with wooden accents. Embrace black, the happiest color, for a chic bathroom design. If you are interested in black-and-white bathroom designs, don’t forget to take a look at our blog page!


7) Terracotta Kitchen Tiles


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If you appreciate the beauty of handmade craftsmanship in your kitchen tiles, glazed terracotta tiles offer a versatile solution. Use them for both floor and terracotta kitchen backsplash areas to explore a myriad of designs, like the captivating patterned tiles with classic terracotta. A glazed terracotta floor tile can fix everything, even all of your design game.


8) Terracotta Mosaic Tiles


terracotta mosaic tile


Let terracotta mosaic tiles be the cornerstone of your interior design. These small, versatile pieces unlock endless design possibilities, allowing for creative patterns like the herringbone tile pattern to flourish in any space.


9) Living Room Tiles


living room floor tiles


Choose glazed terracotta tile to craft a bohemian, minimal, or stylish ambiance in your living room. These living room tiles offer the flexibility to maintain elegance with white floor tiles or dazzle guests with unique colors and shapes.


10) Terracotta Bathroom Tiles



Minimalist or Scandinavian-inspired interior designs are great but what about more? Embrace a maximalist aesthetic with glazed terracotta tiles, perfect for those who crave more. Inspired by dark blue tiles, these glazed terracotta wall tiles enable you to create unparalleled, personalized touches in your home.


FAQs – Things You Wonder About Glazed Terracotta Tiles


Q: Are there any downsides to using glazed terracotta tiles?

A: While glazed terracotta tiles are celebrated for their water resistance and ease of cleaning, it’s wise to weigh potential downsides such as slipperiness when wet, susceptibility to chipping, higher costs compared to unglazed options, and a less rustic aesthetic.


terracotta shower tiles


Q: Are glazed terracotta tiles slippery?

A: Though some glazed terracotta tiles can be slippery when wet, opting for tiles with a textured or matte finish can provide better traction. This is especially important in high-traffic, wet areas like bathrooms, where safety is paramount.


white backsplash tiles


Q: Are glazed terracotta tiles durable?

A: Yes, glazed terracotta tiles are renowned for their durability. The protective glaze wards off scratches and wear, ensuring they remain a long-lasting choice for any setting with the right care and maintenance.


shower wall tiles


Q: How do I clean glazed terracotta tiles?

A: Glazed terracotta tiles are notably easy to maintain. A simple routine of sweeping or mopping with mild detergent and warm water will keep them looking pristine. For more stubborn stains, a stronger cleaning solution may be necessary, but harsh chemicals should be avoided to protect the glaze.


gray terracotta tile


Unleash the secrets of stunning terracotta! Contact us for a piece of expert advice, then dive deeper on our blog page to explore the newest design ideas, including the elegant charm of glazed terracotta and the sophisticated allure of glazed terracotta floor tiles.

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