Trend to Watch: Back to Black

black porcelain bathroom
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Lately, we have experienced a big interest in our darker tile and stone. According to our in-house designers and many trend-setting Interior Design magazines; back to black is the new big thing when it comes to home decor.

Most people associate the color black with serious occasions or dark feelings. Not to worry, if you use this color in a clever way, black can also convey an effect of elegance, sophistication, and boldness.

Putting black decor details in front of a light or neutral background will make it stand out and possibly distract the eye from other imperfections in your home that you would like to hide.

In conclusion, black should not be the primary color of a room, but rather a detail that creates a certain illusion. We personally suggest black details to be used in your kitchen and bath design. A beautiful backsplash to highlight the focal point of your kitchen, or a moody marble or granite to bring some drama to your bathroom

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