Barcela Tile Collection

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Country Floors introduces new cement tiles, the Barcela Tile Collection, inspired by 19th century European patterns. Each tile is meticulously crafted and produced utilizing a technique that has been in used since the later part of the 19th Century.

The Barcela Tile Collection embraces a traditional style with a contemporary twist. This collection traditional look is defined by its symmetry, which is all about balance, and emphasizes curves. However, the collection breaks out of its traditional mold with a contrasting black and white color scheme.

Barcela Tile Collection

The Barcela Collection tiles ranges in shades of black, grey and white. The tiles are available in either hexagon or square, and are offered in eight by eight (8 x 8) size. The Barcela Tile Collection is slip resistant and suitable for both residential and commercial applications. We recommend using a moisture sensitive thin-set and following the CTMA installation guidelines.

Country Floors is an iconic brand that has always transcended the mediums of ceramic tile, glass, stone and terracotta. A brand that is, first and foremost, a thought leader for the entire interior design art. We have showrooms across America where the language of good design is spoken with distinct fluency

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