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Mystique Collection
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The Mystique Collection, from Country Floors, draws upon history and tradition to project richness, opulence, and otherworldly elegance. The 16 patterns in this collection, are reminiscent of a gothic Mediterranean designs. The sophisticated fusion of polished and opaque marbles result in a delicate and discreet shimmering effect sure to create a mystical and elegant ambience.

The Mystique Collection tiles ranges in shades of white, mute grey and silver, featuring different geometric patterns. The tiles are available in the standard eight by eight (8 x 8) size. The Mystique Collection suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Country Floors is an iconic brand that has always transcended the mediums of ceramic tile, glass, stone and terracotta. A brand that is, first and foremost, a thought leader for the entire interior design art. We have showrooms across America where the language of good design is spoken with distinct fluency.

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