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Bold Ceramic Tile Backsplashes

Bold Ceramic Tile Backsplashes
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The classic phrase, “fortune favors the bold” covers a lot of ground, but today, let’s constrain the meaning to Bold Ceramic Tile Backsplashes.

A fine voice on design trends is Ashley Knierim. She is self-described as “a writer and editor who loves everything home decor, travel, and food.” Ashley offered us this: “We admit that we love simple, clean white backsplashes. But more and more designers are welcoming boldly patterned backsplashes to their kitchens. We expect these fun and functional accents to be huge…!”

At the very top of this post, you can see a bold approach from our Miradouro Classic Ceramic Collection. This material takes inspiration from classic Portuguese blue tile motifs and pushes the reset button for 21st-century style.

Bold Ceramic Tile Backsplashes
Mallorca Ceramic Tile

Continuing the Mediterranean influence is our Mallorca Ceramic immediately above. Please note that while the patterning is delicate and intricate the impact is decidedly bold. Be brave in your design thought and thanks for reading.

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