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Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas 2023

Nothing says new year like a remodeling project. While we don't all have the time and budget to redo large areas of our homes – there are still opportunities to use some of 2023’s best bathroom design ideas for small bathrooms. Small bathrooms, nooks, and closets are all places to enact major [...]
Blue abstract country style ceramic tiles in living room

2023’s Most Popular Ceramic Tile Ideas

Nothing is more exciting than planning home renovation projects to set the tone for a new chapter in life. As the year 2023 starts anew, there are many great new interior design changes taking place. This year is a wonderful time to explore innovative ceramic tile finishes and textures. If [...]

The Top 12 Tile Trends You Should Know

To learn more about which tile trends are in (and which are not), we have a list of today’s most imaginative tile trend design ideas.Tile has always been the best option for adding a touch of elegance and class to a space. From backsplashes and dramatic feature walls to flooring, tile can [...]
ceramic tile ideas for small bathrooms

8 Ceramic Tile Suggestions for Small Bathrooms

In a perfect scenario, all bathrooms would be created with tall ceilings, tons of natural light, and ample room for necessities and accessories. In reality, however, many bathrooms are much smaller than desired. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to add visual appeal and depth to tiny spaces [...]

The Timeless Trend of Limestone Tiles

Limestone tiles are a classic natural fixture that has adorned homes all over the world. Thanks to advancements in modern technology, limestone tiles have been revived as a premiere material for kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms. From ancient Egypt to the Statue of Liberty, monumental [...]

Which Type of Marble Is The Best for Kitchens?

An excellent addition in most spaces, marble is especially well-suited for kitchens. Utilize marble for the top of your kitchen island, or for the backsplash that complements your countertops. No matter which type of marble you choose, we guarantee you'll chieve a truly one-of-a-kind [...]
light living room tile ideas

7 Tile Ideas That Will Make Your Living Room Brighter

Many homes have living rooms in need of space-enhancing designs to create the appearance of higher ceilings and spacious floors.If you want to add a visual spark to your home, we have some clever tricks that can give your living room the illusion of being a more grand space.Houdini [...]

Modern Terracotta Tile Suggestions to Transform Your Living Room

Modern terracotta tiles are often an overlooked design element that can fully transform your living room into a new space. In this article, we reveal how to use terracotta tile colors, shapes, sizes, and finishes to bring an organic yet sophisticated feel to your project.Any valuable [...]