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Marble Tile

Which Type of Marble Is The Best for Kitchens?

An excellent addition in most spaces, marble is especially well-suited for kitchens. Utilize marble for the top of your kitchen island, or for the backsplash that complements your countertops. No matter which type of marble you choose, we guarantee you'll chieve a truly one-of-a-kind [...]

How To Create Sophisticated Interiors With Black and White Marble?

We’re sure we don’t have to preach the pros of monochrome tile color palettes to you. But as we move through 2021 it’s useful to know how monochrome is playing its part with modern interior tiling. We'll see how we can continue to incorporate these gorgeous tones into our homes using natural [...]
serene bathroom - Odyssey Collection

Create a Decorative Serene Bathroom With Our Odyssey Collection

Creating a decorative serene bathroom... That is what most people want. To achieve this goal easily, you have to see the true beauty of the Odyssey Collection. Marble Systems has succeeded in creating tiles that truly live up to their name. This collection combines ancient elements in a [...]
lantern tile

Shop Designer Lantern Tile Made In The USA

The Inherent Allure of Lantern TileBold and beautiful, the Country Floors Nova Water-jet floor tile collection combines a stunningly distinctive shape, with marble and glass material to easily achieve a strikingly sleek interior. The gorgeous lantern-shaped wall and floor tiles are [...]

It is Back To Black With Our Iris Black Marble Collection

Here at CountryFloors, we are acutely aware of just how wonderful black marble is as a component in interior design, whether it be stone tile flooring or natural stone wall tiling. If you are lucky enough to get to walk on marble flooring systems every day in your home, then you know just how [...]