serene bathroom - Odyssey Collection

Creating a decorative serene bathroom… That is what most people want. To achieve this goal easily, you have to see the true beauty of the Odyssey Collection. Marble Systems has succeeded in creating tiles that truly live up to their name. This collection combines ancient elements in a notably futuristic manner. That is why we are so pleased to be able to offer them to you through Country Floors.

How to Incorporate Decoration into a Bathroom

The term ‘odyssey’, defined as a poignant or adventurous journey or experience. It fits perfectly with these daring natural stone tile mosaics. These tiles can effortlessly act as the focal point of any bathroom. Or if you prefer, they can slip into the background while quietly uplifting your rooms’ other features. Although we can’t imagine why anyone would want to hide or dull these beautiful bathroom tiles. Unique and to be beheld, these waterjet mosaic tiles convey liveliness and story, with an undeniable cerebral calm. They are perfect to relax in the bath or inspire you during your morning routine.

serene bathroom - Odyssey Collection

How to Create a Serene Bathroom

If the design seems like it may be a bit of a bolder choice, one you’re not particularly sure will fit with your space. Whether it be your current wet room, or dream bathroom renovation, consider the sheer variety of bespoke combinations of gorgeous natural stone that are available in the Odyssey Collection.

With almost every bathroom mosaic tile featuring beautiful, neutral colors inherent to stone bathroom tiling. Complimented by a range of bold and delicate designs to work with minimal or maximal surroundings, the Odyssey bathroom tiles and their range of materials and patterns offer accompaniment to an incredibly varied selection of styles. However, while there is undeniable variety in this collection, each tile has been specifically designed to produce an unfailing atmosphere of tranquility.

Use of Natural Stones To Create A Serene Bathroom

We envision these premium bathroom tiles as the beginning of a peaceful journey in both style and substance. They will bring unparalleled natural elements such as marble, glass, limestone, and metals together in an effortless pattern. Bringing their inherent gleam together in simple yet intrepid mosaics creates a harmony of stone that only adds to a relaxing bathroom. Each created just for use in wet environments. They are optimized for longevity. The vastness of lighter-toned stones elongates a space by drawing and reflecting sunlight, perfect for smaller bathrooms. The pattern and placement of some of the natural stone mosaics are great for use in smaller focal areas. They can draw attention to a certain space easily.

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Some of Our Customers’ Favorites

HONED HELIOS MARBLE – This particular waterjet tile is a good place to start in the collection. This lighter natural marble tile completes with beautiful grey clouding against the bright backdrop, and a striking centerpiece of bold turquoise and brilliant white. It brings oddity and opulence together effortlessly.

HONED MOIRAE MARBLE – These tiles are perfect for a more rustic or themed bathroom or restroom. They are almost replicating a wood effect using a range of darker-toned and smooth brown marbles. Combining geometric shapes and lines, there are so many parts to this tile that can draw the eye.

HONED CALYPSO MARBLE – With a distinctly retro, or art-deco feel, this monochromatic pattern incorporates prominent circles and thick bold lines to create a pattern with undeniable character and style. This marble tile stands out from the others in the collection for its unique shapes and pattern.

HONED DIONYSUS MARBLE – There is something about this tile. Perhaps it is the combination of a brilliant white marble and darker toned wooden effect diamond pattern as the centerpiece. This combination gives off a distinctly rustic Asian style look great combined with dark-toned or wooden fixtures.

HONED CAYMUS MARBLE – This particular pattern features concentric marble circles fashioned from a luxurious white marble base with thin, almost unnoticeable veining, and a blue line pattern that is simply impossible to ignore as the Crown Jewell.

BIANCA, CARARRA, THASSOS, PURA HONED MOIRAE MARBLE – This tile is a lighter-toned alternative to the Moirae marble variant featured above. It looks so at home in any bathroom or wet-room, utilizing simple yet favorite whites and grays that complement each other perfectly, and elevate a serene atmosphere expertly.

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To view the full collection of Odyssey bathroom tile mosaics available on our site, or our other natural stone tiling collections, click here! If you need any guidance on how and where to use natural stone mosaics or individual patterned tiles in your bathroom or restroom, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of expert interior designers. Our experts can offer you invaluable tips and tricks for getting the most out of your natural stone mosaic interior.