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Another month has been and gone all too quickly. While we say goodbye to spring and hello to summer, undeniably the best part of each and every new month, of course, is that we get to give you insight into which of our natural stone tiles and accessories interior designers across the country have been snapping up for their summer projects. This week’s menu is a beautiful selection of wall and floor tiles inspired by architecture worldwide and some classic favorites.

French Fashion For Your Home

To begin, let’s take a trip to Europe for a refreshing take on a vintage favorite, with the Country Floors French Blue Blend Honed Cement floor tiles. The matte nature of this tile’s honed finish is perfect when it comes to this particular coloring. It combines the best of a beautiful cottage or French farm and a regal atmosphere created by an intricate yet lively pattern style in a beautiful flowing blue pigment,

As a polish, some people may see it to render the floor tile as ‘too much. However, the abundance of pale blue patterning is just right to fill up any room with character. While this pattern may at first appear to be a one-trick pony, designers have been loving Country Floors honed cement for use as wall and floor tiling, in the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway, and especially for commercial interiors that require a little extra touch of class and personality.

If you want to create harmony between blue and brownish, check out our terracotta blog and match them up for an exotic view!

From France to Italy, with the Marsala Bianco Ceramic

This month, designers can’t get enough of our Sicilian-inspired ceramic tiling collection. But in particular, one pattern has caught the imagination of our partners more so than any other. The Catania Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tiles combine in a quartet to form a gorgeous diamond. It is set in thick white lines and surrounded by bold shapes in neutral browns and grays.

As decoration, delicate grey squares are dotted in what would otherwise be blank space and help bring a small element of whimsy to the overall design. That can sometimes be somewhat foreboding alone. With the perfect balance between white space and intense patterning, you can use the Catania Bianco ceramic wall and floor tiles just about anywhere in the home. You can lay the color palette for a particular area effortlessly.

Don’t Leave your Bathroom Out of the Fun

So far we’ve seen two tiles that, although versatile in their placement throughout the home, definitely work best in the kitchen. However, now let’s take a look at what is truly a tile with range. The Britannia Honed Winter Leaf Limestone Waterjet Deco is shaped in a beautiful arabesque lantern, the gorgeous stone flowing into elegant yet sharp points at the top and bottom, thanks to our use of waterjet cutting technology, and showcases a full tile made entirely from limestone with all the glory of natural stone available to everyone who’s eyes cast over these shapes.

However, there is no pattern, which may seem a little dull. But these tiles fit together effortlessly. So with the help of a second or even third color tile from the range, which includes an incredible variety of colors, it’s so simple to create life-changing installations using only our waterjet tiling collection.

A Minimalist’s Dream in Marble

The Ark Silver Matte Porcelain is a longtime favorite tile of any interior designer who tends toward minimalist tiles. It combines everything great about porcelain. It has unrivaled durability, low water absorption, and the ability to support many pigments and patterns. However, the Ark tiles silver tone has a power evident from casting your eye over this tile. It provides a high-end and luxurious feel to any room.

Ark Silver Matte Concrete Look Porcelain Tile 12x24

Ark Silver Matte Concrete Look Porcelain Tile


The singular color is great for adding space to smaller areas with sweeping tiling and seamless application. And the pigmentation draws light to a room but not overwhelmingly, the matte finish helps in this regard, to dull overbearing or blinding sunlight, or a too-white landscape, such as in a bathroom with many ceramic or white porcelain and stainless steel accessories.

Last but Certainly Not Least Of Wall And Floor Tiles

This month, we’re ending with a bang and showcasing our Forest Gray Polished Marble tiles. It is a tile that could end up on our designers’ favorites list at the end of each and every month. This collection utilizes gorgeous, natural marble. It is a favorite of most designers to create a bespoke and opulent feel on the wall or floor of any room. The Natural Reflections range takes the potential of marble to the next level. It combines a variety of organic tones and the most characteristic patterns available on the market.

Forest Gray Polished Marble Tile 12x24

Forest Gray Polished Marble Tile


Marble’s great veining is available to be fully taken advantage of in a range of eye-catching bold colors. It sits against the plentiful foundation of naturally pigmented stone, in this case, the coupling of a dark grey with a bolder pale orange vein provides the perfect tile for a darker color palette, without taking the life out of a room.

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