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Basalt Collection


Basalt tiles are formed from the volcanic rock of some regions of China, the United States, Mexico, and Italy. Basalt is mostly gray, with light and dark hues.cWith relatively high absorption rates, these tiles or slabs are functional and practical flooring material. We do not recommend using these tiles in submerged areas. Basalt looks good in many textured finishes, such as flamed and sandblasted.  These various textured finish surfaces are practical for demanding applications. Also, our tiles come in various shapes of mosaics. Such options include penny round mosaics, straight mosaics, and 2 x 2 mosaics.When selecting basalt tiles, the most important factor to look out for is their clarity and uniformity. All high-quality basalt tiles are clear in color and selection, with no sizeable mineral deposits.For fireplaces, tub decks, or backsplashes, our fabricator can provide longer slabs of basalt to give a uniform look.Basalt Tile History and Background Basalt tiles are formed from the volcanic rock of some regions of China, the United States, Mexico, and Italy. In fact, it is the most abundant volcanic rock on Earth. It’s even common on Mercury, Venus, the Moon, and Mars! Basalt is mostly gray, with light and dark hues. Just like other classic natural stone tiles such as marble or travertine, these tiles tap into a millennia-old legacy of architecture and design. Though these stones are used all over the world, many associate them with classical Mediterranean architecture. Surely you’re familiar with the Parthenon, built from marble in ancient Athens, and the Roman Colosseum, built from travertine.Perhaps you didn’t know that basalt played a similarly venerable role in classical architecture. It’s true, though; the Roman Theatre in Bosra, Syria is built from basalt. The stone was also used for Roman roads. Large blocks from ancient roads were rediscovered and recarved during the Renaissance, leading to the development of Italy’s famous Sampietrini pavement. Like other fine natural stone tiles, basalt is versatile, at once looking starkly modern and allowing you to take part in an ancient design tradition. Basalt floor tile, for instance, fits into the most contemporary designs but also whisks you away to the historical roads of Italy. Basalt Tile Home Uses There are very few applications to which basalt isn’t suited. We only caution against using these tiles in submerged areas because of their relatively high absorption rates. Otherwise, consider basalt wherever the space might benefit from an elegant and dynamic natural stone tile! Basalt wall tiles look great in kitchens and bathrooms. Basalt backsplashes especially add character in your kitchen, even more so when you chose one of our eye-catching basalt mosaics (options abound).Basalt floor tiles are perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, entrance ways, and bathrooms.   Basalt Tile Commercial Uses The lovely grays of basalt always fit their context. In low lighting, the grays dazzle with mood-setting depth and emotion. In brighter lighting, basalt’s grays are warm and inviting. This makes basalt an excellent stone tile for commercial applications. Basalt flooring and walls in a bright, friendly hotel lobby, for instance, make your guests feel comfortable and at home. In a mood-lit dining room, conversely, basalt enhances the elegant intimacy of the space, easily making your restaurant a favorite date spot.  Basalt Options at Country Floors Basalt looks good in many textured finishes, such as flamed and sandblasted.  The following textures are currently available at Country Floors:Hammered Basalt — stippled texture that pops. Chiseled Basalt — careful and complex texturing. Honed Basalt — elegant and sophisticated.Tiles designed for use in various mosaics are also available. Such options include penny round mosaics, octagonal mosaics, dynamic multi-finish mosaics, and square 1 x 1 mosaics. Some of the mosaics powerfully evoke the Sampietrini roads of Italy.For fireplaces, tub decks, or backsplashes, our fabricator can provide longer slabs of basalt for an unbroken, uniform surface.When selecting basalt tiles, the most important factor to look out for is their clarity and uniformity. All high-quality basalt tiles are clear in color and selection, with no sizable mineral deposits.
Cement Collection


Cement Tile, also known as Encaustic Cement Tile, is made of a mixture of concrete and mineral pigments. Available in classic black & white or a variety of colors, our cement tiles are artistic handmade products that offer a wide range of designs.Cement tiles are perfect for enriching your kitchen or bathroom spaces. The wide range of designs we offer enables our customers to create their dream rooms, from modern sophisticated spaces to warm and welcoming homes. Design While the most typical size is 12x12, our tiles come in many shapes and sizes. We offer a selection of shapes, such as squares, rectangles, and octagons.Our featured rustic tiles have the appeal of no two tiles being the same. They come in a variety of sizes, thickness, color variations, and crazing (fine surface cracks) due to their handmade nature. In addition, our terracotta cement tiles come from Spain and Italy. FeaturesEasy to install, clean, and maintain. Extremely durable and long-lasting. Guaranteed lifetime after sell service.Areas of use We supply all kinds of tiles for the floors and walls of residential and commercial installations. Cement tiles are perfect for residential kitchens or bathroom floors, offering functionality, durability, and design.For commercial uses, our tiles can be found in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, retail shops, and multi-unit apartment buildings. Many resorts use our cement tiles for exterior areas, such as walkways, sunroofs, and outdoor seating. Installation One of the best attributes of our cement tiles is how easy they are to install and maintain.We recommend a cement mortar bed for installation. We do not sell the tiles in a single piece. The color of a real cement tile may differ from the appearance on an electronic screen. Before placing a whole box order, we are happy to send a sample first.For maintenance, clean with a mild cleanser and damp cloth. Do not use corrosive cleaners. Some glazes are acid-sensitive, so do not use cleaner with an acid-based since these may cause discoloring. Tiles may be sealed with a penetrating sealer. Make sure to test the sealer on a small area first before fully applying.
Ceramic Collection


Ceramic tile has a rich legacy in design, art, and architecture that spans thousands of years. While ancient Mesopotamian temples are the earliest-recorded sites of ceramic tiles, this art form has appeared throughout history, from Ottoman palaces decked with Turkish Iznik tiles to Baroque interiors lined with Spanish Azulejo tiles.Continuing this legacy, Country Floors is an industry leader that honors tradition while offering a selection of refined modern looks.Found in a variety of colors and sizes, our tiles range from plain fields to an assortment of designs and prints. Matte, velvet, and crackled glaze finishes add dimension to any flat surface. There is a wide selection to choose from. The classic tile collection, like the Sister Parish tiles, reflects timeless fabric patterns. For a blend of modernity and tradition, the arabesque and Moroccan tile patterns can be found on modern-day ceramic tiles.Our tiles are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, giving wet surfaces an elegant and polished appearance. Hotel and condo bathroom floor tiles and kitchen backsplashes are some of the most common applications. Ceramic tiles can also be found in commercial applications, such as hotel bar walls and exposed restaurant kitchens. The hospitality sector utilizes these tiles for hotel entrances, reception desks, pools, and spas.Most ceramic tiles start as a piece of red or white clay that has been formed by hand or by machine into a shape. While this shape is most often flat, it can take many configurations depending on the intended usage. Once the shape has been decided, the tile is glazed with a ceramic glaze and fired at extremely high temperatures in a kiln. For all residential interiors, the final product is always installed with un-sanded grout and thin-set mortar.
Glass Collection


Glass tiles and mosaics are used by designers in many decorative spaces like backsplashes and bathroom walls. No single design element in this industry can bring to bear as formidable a color package. Country Floors offers a stunning selection of modern glass mosaics and tiles.There are many types of glass used in the surface covering the industry. Back painted, solid stained, or poured are some of the varieties. They all provide vibrant colors and dynamics to wall covering applications. Also, there are multiple thicknesses. You can have solid sheets that are 3/8" thick or thinner sheets that are laminated. Most of the thin material is not floor rated and should be walls only.Furthermore, it has no size and shapes limitations.  Subway tile, Arabesque shapes, linear mosaics are all available in hundreds of colors. Sicis and Oceanside are some of the most popular manufacturers with hundreds of colors and designs.  Sicis also started manufacturing laminated material with fabric designs between two sheets. Stone and glass is another trend providing endless combinations of mosaics, staggered styles, basketweave designs.A word of caution about mixed media must be kept in mind. Composite media materials such as stone and glass require different types of thin-set and sealers.   You should install your glass tiles with an excellent thin-set such as Ardex. Please make sure to waterproof so that the colors remain vibrant.
Granite Collection


Granite tile rightfully enjoys a reputation as a beautiful and durable material. Granite is an igneous stone that typically has a coarse-grained visual appearance, allowing each of the different minerals in it to share the spotlight.Granite Tile Background and History Granite tiles and slabs come from quarries in the United States, Canada, India, and Brazil. While this natural stone usually comes in white, pink, or gray, each individual slab has its unique range of vivid colors. Brazilian granite provides some of the lightest colors available, pairing a softer aesthetic with one of the hardest, most durable surfaces around.Because of its hardness and relative difficulty to extract and work, granite has been considered a high-quality and luxury building material for centuries. Granite, for instance, served as the of the now-ruined Black Pyramid of Ancient Egypt. An even more stunning show of wealth and power, theBrihadisvara Temple] in India was constructed entirely from granite in the early eleventh century.Today, just as it has for much of recorded history, granite means luxury. While also traditionally used for pavings and wall coverings, granite is most familiar to the luxury homeowner as a kitchen countertop.Granite Tile Home Uses Granite tile countertops and granite slab countertops are truly the most iconic home use of this natural stone. This shouldn’t discourage you from using it in creative ways, however. Granite tile floors in kitchens and bathrooms radiate the same dignity and poise that a granite tile countertop might. Don’t stop at floor tiles, though; granite wall tiles make for beautiful additions to your shower or your kitchen backsplash.Granite Tile Commercial Uses Because of its strength and durability, granite is the stone of choice for designers planning commercial spaces that will see heavy use. High-traffic floors and commercial kitchens, for instance, practically insist on granite. Consider granite slab floors for your next hotel or high-end restaurant project.Hotels and spas might also consider flamed granite pavers for wet surfaces like pools and steam rooms. Make sure, in this case, to opt for the flamed finish, which is more slip-resistant!Granite bathrooms aren’t just for the luxury homeowner. Granite makes for elegant and inviting bathrooms in the hospitality industry as well. Currently, Absolute Black and Black Galaxy are trendy in commercial bathroom applications.Granite Tile Offerings at Country Floors We offer a wide array of rich and vivid natural colors to choose from. Tan Brown, Blue Pearl, Absolute Black>, Black Galaxy, and Taj Mahal are some of the popular varieties. These tiles and slabs provide durability and stark beauty. Black Galaxy in particular is one of the most fascinating natural flooring materials with its stunning golden specks that reflect light.Our countertops are available in a thickness of 3 cm. This thicker stone is more and more being favored over thinner cuts, like the ¾” tile one might find elsewhere.While the polished surface finish remains the most popular choice for customers worldwide, a recent trend in interior finishes has made the brushed finish popular.Granite Tile Installation and Maintenance  While we make sure that even our softer natural stone offerings such as marble or travertine are high quality and thus long-lasting with proper maintenance, nothing compares to granite in terms of durability. When planning for longevity, granite makes your life easy. Maintenance is fairly easy, too. While some of the lighter color granites may require sealing, darker colors will continue to perform under the most demanding conditions.
Iridescent Shell Collection

Iridescent Shell

Limestone Collection


Limestone tile comes from a sedimentary stone that has played a storied role in architecture and design for thousands of years. Ancient cultures across the world used this beautiful and abundant material, from the Egyptians to the Mayans. Even its use as a flooring material, not unlike the way it’s often used today, is ancient. Just as alluring now as ever, limestone also fits into the most starkly contemporary buildings. Limestone Tile Background and History Today, the highest quality tiles and slabs come from quarries in France, Portugal, and Turkey.  Specifically, Finike from Turkey, Beaumaniere from France, and Azul Lagos from Portugal are some of the most popular varieties.Limestone tiles come with many different finishes, such as honed, polished, and textured finishes. The softly distressed finish, showcasing an authentic patina that gives the impression of long use, is especially popular with designers at the moment. Tiles also come with various types of edges. A chiseled edge, for instance, can give limestone a more rustic appearance.Limestone Tile Home Uses Limestone’s muted colors allow it to easily fit in with any design scheme, complementing the subtlety of elegant contemporary design just as easily as the natural simplicity of a rustic aesthetic. Limestone tile floors are a favorite in bathrooms and kitchens. Limestone floor tiles might require extra sealing when used around water due to the stone’s porosity, but the right sealer makes this easy. You can even use limestone tiles and slabs outdoors in patio settings!Residential walls also look wonderful in the soft, intimate colors that limestone provides. Consider limestone wall tiles in entryways, bathrooms, living rooms, and more.Limestone Tile Commercial Uses Limestone facades are one of the most renowned commercial applications of this natural stone material. Thicker blocks can be used for such exterior cladding.Limestone also looks great in high-end bathrooms! Hotel, restaurant, and office bathroom floors, sinks, and walls can be made to look particularly striking with the use of limestone. A limestone backsplash under a mirror, for instance, brings poise and elegance to the room.Though limestone is by no means limited to such colors, the warmness of soft-colored limestone can really open up a space, perfect for when you need a room to be inviting and comfortable (think hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, etc.).  Limestone Tile Offerings at Country Floors Country Floors offers classic limestone sourced from world-renowned quarries. Though many associate limestone with lighter colors, we also provide darker varieties of limestone, perfect, for example, for creating an intimate mood in low-light dining rooms and elsewhere.For those desiring something more inventive than classic tiles and slabs, Country Floors also provides creative limestone tile mosaics and waterjet designs. Some of our mosaics and waterjet designs even combine limestone with other stones like marble!Explore all the products shown above to get a sense of the breadth of our offerings.Limestone Tile Installation and Maintenance Natural color variation is expected in this material. Blocks from shallow quarries have more natural contrast in background and veining. For this reason, we suggest that you dry lay your tiles before putting down thinset so you can try these unique pieces in different combinations and see which works the best.Unlike other natural stones like granite, this material is softer and can absorb more water. In this respect, it is much like travertine, which is in fact technically a unique category of limestone.  This should not deter you from using it in most residential flooring and wall tile applications, since there are many types of sealers in the market to make it perfectly suitable.You can use non-color enhanced sealers to provide a good coat of protection. Apply several coats of the sealer you choose. Your floors may need to be resealed from time to time.   We also recommend making use of a bigger grout joint to allow for floor settlement and a more rustic look.
Marble Collection


Marble tile is without a doubt the most iconic natural stone tile. Marble, a metamorphic stone that played a vital role in classical architecture, has been renowned for its beauty and elegance for millennia. While its most famous uses might be as classical sculpture or as an ancient and modern structural building material, its traditional uses have also included flooring, paving, and wall decoration.Whenever you select marble as your floor or wall tile of choice, then, you’re letting Country Floors help you tap into one of the oldest and most cherished design conventions. Country Floors happily offers a carefully curated selection of marble tile that provides a modern take on tradition.Marble adds timeless beauty and elegance. Each slab comes with its own natural design, which makes every surface look like a piece of art. This natural beauty makes marble a popular and attractive medium for contemporary architects and designers to express their unique vision. Marble Tile Home Uses What you’ve heard is true; every surface looks good in marble. Common residential applications for marble tiles include floor tiles for kitchens and wall tiles for bathrooms and backsplashes. Slabs, as opposed to tiles, are perfect for the iconic marble countertop in your kitchen or bathroom.While everyone knows that kitchens and bathrooms stand out when you use marble, don’t be afraid to get creative and use Country Floors marble for less-talked-about spaces in your home as well, like entryways, bedrooms, and living rooms! Marble Tile Commercial Uses Marble nearly always meets or exceeds the industry standards for beauty, quality, and performance when used in hotels, office spaces, restaurants, and more. Commercial applications include striking vertical statement walls, lobby floors, and elevator facades. In addition, most bathroom floors, bathroom walls, and spa areas in the hospitality sector use marble tiles. A marble tile bathroom lets your guests know they’re staying in comfort and luxury. Country Floors Marble Tile Offerings: Classic — Country Floors offers the absolute must-haves of marble, including Carrara, Calacatta, and black marble tile (all available honed as well as polished). Eye-catching — If the classic offerings aren’t for you, you might want something slightly more unusual but still within the range of traditional marble. Try Verde Capri green marble tiles! Inventive — Modern waterjet technology makes striking designs and combinations of marble with other materials easy and beautiful. If traditional tiles don’t suit your taste or the needs of your project, try instead using something as creative and intriguing as the Odyssey Waterjet Designs Collection.These are just a few examples! Country Floors offers so many choices when it comes to marble that you’re sure to find just what you need. Though the exact offerings change with each collection, many of our collections include traditional marble tiles, marble mosaics, slabs, and accessories such as moldings. Marble Tile Installation and Upkeep We recommend utilizing a professional installer. Make sure to dry lay the tiles before installation so you can arrange and rearrange the pieces. This lets you achieve the best overall effect from each tile’s unique appearance. Use a good sealer after the installation. In addition, use a small grout joint for waterproofing, which is necessary to avoid residue seeping up from the subfloor.Some believe that marble, which, like its cousins onyx and travertine, is made up of softer minerals, cannot possibly compete with granite for longevity. At Country Floors, we don’t believe that this is necessarily true. Installed and maintained properly, marble tiles last forever and wear well. They are easily refinished, repaired, and reused. Due to their durability and lasting beauty, they are a valuable and worthwhile investment.
Onyx Collection


Porcelain Collection


Porcelain is a trendy variety of tile that is preferred by homeowners and business owners alike. In addition to the advantages of durability, strength, and beauty, these tiles are inherently cost-effective too.To create the tiles, dense clay is subjected to fire at higher temperatures than regular ceramic tiles. Besides clay, porcelain consists of other natural materials blended and burned in a furnace. Areas of use Due to its non-porous nature and uniformity in structure, porcelain has a wide variety of uses for areas. It supports radiant heating solutions and is ideal for unstable climatic conditions. Design At Country Floors, we offer all kinds of tiles for the floors and walls of residential and commercial spaces. With five decades of experience in supplying superior-quality products, porcelain tiles are just one area of our expertise.At our one-stop tile store, we have a range of options, from the sophisticated and elegant Atlas porcelain tile to the chic and unconventional Linea tile. Alternatively, the Country Wood tile will give your home a rustic, country look, while the elegance of the Ecocem tile is attractive for any home interior. For a statement fireplace, we suggest our Waterfall or Piedra Norge tiles to enhance the textures of the living room.Customers also prefer our porcelain tiles for commercial spaces. For a modern aesthetic, our exclusive Metallic porcelain tile gives homes a sleek appearance. In turn, the Metro, Metro 2.0, and Metro 3.0 tiles provide a clean and trendy look to restaurants, retail stores, and other business areas. In addition, our Trevi tile elevates commercial, high-traffic spaces. The Elegante tile matches the white interiors of any given space.Do you want some advice over the design of your home or business area? Get in touch with our experts for a free consultation today!
Slate Collection


Terracotta Collection


The word “terra cotta” means “baked earth” in Italian, and its rich orange and brown coloring certainly lives up to its name. For thousands of years and across the world, architects favored terracotta tiles to build iconic structures. Both ancient Chinese palaces and classical Greek temples had roofs built from these tiles. Continuing this legacy into the modern age, Country Floors offers an excellent selection of terracotta products from Spain and Italy. Manufacture To create a handmade or traditional look, manufacturers pour the clay into wooden trays and bake them under the sun for a long time. Some factories use kilns to fire them.Afterward, manufacturers "tool" the clay to give it a rustic and handmade appearance. They then wax or hand-rub the tile with a variety of oil stains.Types of Terracotta:Handmade:  this style is truly hand made and tiles are shaped and poured in wooden molds and set to dry on sand. Clay is mixed then it is hand shaped in to tiles, or other shapes like fan shape, or arabesque shape inside wooden molds.  Tiles are then set to dry under natural  sun for several days. Once they are dry, they are fired in homemade kilns. These kilns burn variety of materials like wood, or coal.  Surface has a smooth finish to it with hand shaping. Back side sits on sand so it has a more textured finish to it. This type of terracotta has a lot of natural pits, veins, and coloration.  Tiles are stacked inside the kilns and different parts of them have different colors.  Color of  this terracotta also depends on the local clay materials in that area.Machine made terracotta:This type is a lot more industrial and consistent. Basically, all the tiles look the same in color, shape, and size. They are very uniform and give a consistent look.  Machine made terracotta also is more durable. Clay mix is controlled and sampled for quality control Design While the most common size is 12x12, our tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We offer square, rectangular, and octagonal forms. In addition, every tile is unique due to its handmade nature. While size, thickness, and color will slightly vary, we offer a choice in design and crazing (fine surface cracks). Areas of use In addition to their attractive rustic appearance, our terracotta tiles are easy to maintain and extremely durable and long-lasting.Many resorts favor them for all exterior areas, such as walkways, sunrooms, and interiors. Terracotta tiles are also perfect for constructing wastewater pipes, roofing, and surface embellishments. Installation We recommend a cement mortar bed for installation.To install:Create a squared center point Begin placing the tile Level the tiles Continue laying the tile Apply presealer and grout Apply sealerTo maintain, clean with a mild cleanser and damp cloth. Do not use corrosive cleaners. As some glazes are acid-sensitive, do not use an acid-based cleaner since it may cause discoloring. Tiles may be sealed with a penetrating sealer. Make sure to test any sealer on a small area before fully applying.We do not sell our terracotta tiles in a single piece. The color of a real tile may differ from its appearance on an electronic screen. We can provide a sample before placing a whole box order.
Terrazzo Collection


Travertine Collection


Travertine is classified as a sedimentary stone and is a part of the limestone family. Very typically found as classic paving, flooring, and architectural elements throughout history. Furthermore,  travertine is a much desired and accepted fixture in the modern marketplace. Country Floors makes a diligent in offering a noteworthy collection of contemporary travertine.   Italy, Turkey, and Peru have the most quarries.  The most popular type is Roman Travertine from Tivoli Rome.  Many monuments in Italy use this stone. Also, the Ivory quarry in Turkey has highly sought after.Natural crevices in this sedimentary rock are common, and it provides a very rustic stone feel.  These holes can be filled or left natural. This material can be filled and polished, filled and honed, or brushed.   There are two ways of cutting this stone. The cross-cut is cut against the quarry and has circular big open veins. Vein cut is with the river bed, and veins are linear. Vein cut tiles are better with rectangular sizes like 12x24.   Some of the most common sizes are square tiles like 18x18, or 24x24 as well as slabs. Also, mosaics are used by many designers to add character and functionality.Your shower floors, shower tiles, and backsplashes are ideal for travertine mosaics.   Travertine pavers are the most economical material for outside areas like pool decks, patios, and swimming pools.  Stone pavers can be convenient and economical.  Tumbled pavers are an excellent surface for a non-slippery surface for pool areas. History And Background  Travertine tile has a long history of design and architectural use. Travertine, which is classified as a sedimentary stone and is a part of the limestone family, was first used in great quantities at least as long ago as the time of the Roman Empire. Many of the most famous Roman structures, such as the Coliseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, were built almost entirely out of travertine. Travertine served not just as a primary building material in the ancient world but also as the source of paving and flooring tile, not unlike the products that Country Floors offers.Some sources suggest that the very word travertine is etymologically related to the name of the Roman town Tibur, now called Tivoli. Even today, much of the best travertine in the world is quarried in or near Tivoli, Italy. High-quality travertine is also sourced from Turkey and Peru, among other places.  Travertine tile is naturally highly dynamic in its texture. Natural crevices in this sedimentary rock are common and provide a very rustic look. For a sleeker and more elegant look, this material can be filled and polished, filled and honed, or brushed.   There are two ways of cutting this stone. The cross-cut is cut against the quarry and has large, open, circular veins. Vein-cut is cut parallel to the river bed, and veins are linear. Vein-cut tiles are better with rectangular sizes like 12x24.   Some of the most common sizes are square tiles like 18x18 or 24x24, as well as slabs. Many designers also construct mosaics from tiles of various sizes for additional aesthetic complexity.  Uses of Travertine Tile Travertine is well-suited to a huge variety of applications. As noted above, it can fit into rustic or modern designs depending on the way that the tile is prepared and finished. Travertine floor tile is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Travertine wall tile works well in dining rooms (both domestic and commercial), hotel lobbies, office spaces, and more.Your shower floors, shower tiles, and backsplashes are ideal for travertine mosaics. A travertine tile backsplash, especially with the visual texture of a mosaic, can really stand out against your kitchen walls and anchor the entire space.Travertine pavers are the most economical material for outside areas like pool decks, patios, and swimming pools.  Stone pavers can be convenient and economical.  Tumbled pavers are an excellent choice for providing for a non-slippery surface for pool areas while still prioritizing quality design.  Travertine Tile Installation and Maintenance Travertine can be installed on any clean dry surface. Concrete slab needs to be crack-free before travertine tiles are installed on it, so any cracks should be filled and repaired prior to laying tile. Wooden subfloor must be dry and structurally sound. It is recommended that you layout your travertine tiles before installation and experiment with different patterns. No two units of natural stone tile are alike, and travertine especially is a stone with many variations of color and texture. The more time you take to make sure each piece visually complements every other piece around it prior to installation, the more satisfied you’re sure to be with your new travertine tile surface!Install with a white thin-set and seal with a high-quality sealer. Enhancing sealers can change the color of the stone, so make sure to try them out on a piece of sample tile first to make sure you like the change. If you don’t want the darkening effect of enhancing sealers, make sure to select a natural sealer.