A Modern Take On Traditional Italian Decorative Ceramic Tiles

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It’s June… Along with the summer sun and a chance to get outdoors, it’s also the month of Festa Della Repubblica. That means we at Country Floors are celebrating all the wondrous parts of Italian culture. We celebrate especially their unbeatable grasp of interior design. That is why we’ll have a closer look at the modern take on traditional Italian decorative ceramic tiles.

From our Tuscan Terracotta to Trevi Porcelain, and back to Arcobaleno Terrazzo, we owe a lot to our Italian heritage. That’s exactly why we’re so excited to pay tribute to a beautiful facet of Sicilian architecture.

The Inspiration Behind The Marsala Bianco Tile

You can see subtle hints from a wide assortment of influences in most Italian architecture, art, and indoor styles. However, they seem to plainly affect Sicilian ceramic-like no other. With help from the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and others, Sicilian interior design has pioneered a command of strong pattern stylings almost since its inception.

Small balconies on an old Italian townhouse in Noto, Sicily

These impacts are present in so many elements of Sicilian homes. Because of that, each and every tile in the Marsala Bianco is inspired and defined by the rich and flowing history of this little island, absolutely dripping with culture and style. It should be no surprise then that the Marsala Bianco decorative ceramic tiles favor intense designs. They can stand their ground in a scope of styles.

With this collection, we have chosen to honor nineteenth and twentieth-century Italian interior design specifically. Marsala Bianco tiles are roused by the exuberant and vivid patterns inherent to this era. These tiles show an order of flair and daring that many other cultures would have been slow to utilize. With our adoration for patterned decorative ceramic tiles, we just couldn’t deny these excellent mosaics and have made six bespoke and ornamental patterns for you to peruse, each named after the Sicilian towns that spearheaded this style.

Bring a Sense of Sicily to Your Home this Summer

The vibe of the Marsala Bianco tile is unconventional yet more downplayed than that which inspired the collection, with a blend of warm and cool tones. This means natural wood or monochrome furnishings and accents in a room will look best.

The Country Floors tile designs are somewhat more unobtrusive than their Sicilian partners. But they are great for use in more modest establishments, surrounding a fireplace perhaps. You can use them as a backsplash in a rustic kitchen. Glazed ceramic is perhaps the best base to feature multifaceted tiling designs. The enduring strength of the Country Floors tiles will offer an ageless delight to commercial or residential interiors, uplifted by a rich history of prevalent Sicilian interior design, even in small spaces.

A Closer Look at the Decorative Ceramic Tiles

Rogusa – Inspired by conventional components of Baroque design so favored in Sicília over centuries past, this example fuses artisan craftsmanship outlined in weighty and eye-catching line-work. They are entirely adjusted between geometric decoration and rich, brilliant twists.

Rogusa Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tile 6x6

Rogusa Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tile


Catania – These tiles create a pattern using the ideal natural stone quartet. They fuse an unmistakably grand assortment of shapes so intense in their position that the grays and browns that function admirably in different tiles are set against one another to make a verifiably striking mosaic.

Catania Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tile 6x6

Catania Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tile


Taormina – This pattern includes geometrical outlining of both conventional and more adventurous shapes. It exploits a characteristic and earth tone color range to play with bolder decoration, that from afar forms a subtle yet stylish, stone mosaic, and upon closer inspection, looks much the same as the walls of a Sicilian mansion.

Taormina Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tile 6x6

Taormina Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tile


Tropani – The most obvious piece of this ceramic tile’s pattern is the striking, straight-line work. We expertly combined with more modest, daintier accents, and shockingly strong central shapes. These shapes exploit the hazier array of tones within the Marsala Bianco collection to draw the eye expertly.

Tropani Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tile 6x6

Tropani Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tile


Milazzo – This tile summons botanical symbolism set in warm neutrals and utilizes striking swirls. It creates a characteristic flow that makes the tile a joy to exist around, regardless of whether we use them alone or as a component of a larger tile mosaic.

Milazzo Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tile 6x6

Milazzo Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tile


Palermo – This tile uses blacks and grays undeniably more than brighter tones. The staggering flower shapes ringed with unpredictable lines make it difficult to miss the additional decoration and attention to detail in this tile. This pattern makes, by a wide margin, the most interesting mosaic when if you apply it to any wall.

Palermo Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tile 6x6

Palermo Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tile


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To see more, view the full collection of Marsala Bianco Decorative Ceramic Tiles available on our site, or our other natural stone tiling collections.

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