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Tuscany Terracotta
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Luscious rolling fields, delicious food, and wine, history, and culture are woven into every building… The decadent yet humbled destination of Tuscany, Italy is one that we’ve all had a fling with at one time or another. Who could possibly resist? But only the luckiest of us have had the chance to see the sprawling landscapes and dreamy hilltop villages with our own eyes. With the help of the Country Floors Tuscan Terracotta collection, you can easily bring the sumptuous interior design of the Tuscan region to your home stateside.

Why Choose Tuscan Terracotta for Your Outdoor Space?

When it comes to the range of natural stone tiles available for exterior design, Terracotta tile has carved out its own unique corner of the modern real estate market. This comes as no surprise. Because it has been a favorite of those who value heightened outdoor culture for centuries. Such as those in the Mediterranean, and before that, it was a mainstay of dwellings for more practical purposes as far back as ancient Egypt, Greece, and China.

Terracotta is a far easier material to work with than other natural stones such as marble. Because of that terracotta tiling provides a stress-free application in the home. Terracotta has a durable nature and proven prowess for longevity. That is why terracotta tiling is the coveted choice that combines both practicality and beauty that interior designers long for. This also means terracotta is great for use in high-traffic areas indoors too, such as hallways. It is also a great fit as a porous poolside tile.

For Unbeatable Italian Style, and Much More…

Sun-baked terracotta tiling is a mainstay of Tuscan gardens and landscaping. The use of natural stone in general, alongside simple wooden or metallic garden furniture, iron/light, and dark woods are some of the most regularly used accents to Tuscan floor tiling. The abundance of natural elements creates a rustic Tuscan feeling with your own personal spin. Such as leafy plant life, or freshly cut flowers in gorgeous vases. The texture of the Country Floors Tuscan Terracotta floor tiling in particular adds another dimension of history and age to any area. It also works in rustic, mid-century modern, and Mediterranean styles, especially when opting for lighter tones.

The coziness of the warm earth tones works wonderfully in open and familial spaces. It really draws the light, without washing out furnishings or creating blinding reflections. The colorings of the Tuscan Terracotta available through Country Floors, are especially useful to breathe life into a calmer, monochromatic, or pale-toned space. It does this without introducing a range of garish pigments or brash patterns that would disrupt the balance of natural outdoor style. Instead, the full and organic neutrals are to die for. When used as floor tiles pair perfectly with monochromatic, bright, and bold palettes, especially reds, pinks, and golds. But be careful with bronze or brass accents which are common outdoors. Because they may clash with your terracotta tiling (unless that’s what you’re going for, of course).

A Closer Look at Some of Our Tuscany Terracotta

Satin – Living up to its name, this silky smooth terracotta wall tile is available in hexagon, picket, square, and rectangle shapes. But the showstopper is by far a gorgeous cinnamon tone.

Satin Natural Picket Terracotta Tile 10x13 3/4

Satin Natural Picket Terracotta Tile

Satin Natural Square Terracotta Tile 10x10

Satin Natural Square Terracotta Tile

Satin Natural Hexagon Terracotta Tile 10x10

Satin Natural Hexagon Terracotta Tile


Cotto Plus – With a far more traditional feel, the Cotto Tuscan Terracotta is classic and suave. It is the perfect foundation for any rustic or historic style. But of course, the textured umber tone and simple style offered by terracotta tiling are right on trend for 2021. It is also right for some great postmodern exterior design.

Cotto Plus Natural Rectangle Terracotta Tile 6x12

Cotto Plus Natural Rectangle Terracotta Tile


Rustic – The rustic Tuscan Terracotta tiles from Country Floors will truly take you back to Tuscany. These tiles offer all the beauty and majesty of original terracotta tiling, worn through centuries of adoration and service, and are available for your home and garden.

Medievale – Sporting the lightest tone in the Tuscan Terracotta collection, the Medievale floor tiles brighten an interior or exterior space effortlessly. The golden color is great to pair with pattern wall tiles or furnishings. Here’s our recommendation. 

Handmade Medievale Rectangle Terracotta Tile 6x12

Handmade Medievale Rectangle Terracotta Tile


Shop the Full Collection

To view the full collection of Tuscany Terracotta wall tiles available on our site, or our other natural stone tiling collections, see our selection of terracotta tiles! Do you need any guidance on how and where to use these designer terracotta tiles in your garden or outdoor space?

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of expert interior designers. We can offer you invaluable tips and tricks for getting the most out of your terracotta exterior. Find the nearest tile showroom near you.

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