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About Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles have a rich legacy in design, art, and architecture that spans thousands of years. While ancient Mesopotamian temples are the earliest-recorded sites of ceramic tiles, this art form has appeared throughout history, from Ottoman palaces decked with Turkish Iznik tiles to Baroque interiors lined with Spanish Azulejo tiles.

Country Floors Ceramic Tiles

Continuing this legacy, Country Floors is an industry leader that honors tradition while offering a selection of refined modern looks. As Country Floors, we are proud to make your living spaces much more beautiful than they already are.

We are honored to be rewarded by Interior Design Magazine for the Best of Year Product Award for our lovely Desert Wildflower Ceramic Tile Collection. It’s arguably the best in interior design. Additionally, our Sister Parish and Wagara Ceramic Tile Collections have been selected for the finalist of another Interior Design award.

Ceramic Tile Collections

Available in a variety of colors and sizes, our tiles range from plain monochromatic tiles to an assortment of designs and prints. Matte, velvet, and crackled glaze finishes add further dimension to any flat surface. There is a wide selection to choose from. Here are some highlights:

The Sister Parish Design Ceramic Collection is a classic tile collection of timeless fabric patterns designed by renowned interior designer Albert Hadley. It features glossy tiles with bold nature-inspired patterns in vivid hues.

The Status Ceramic Collection includes a beautiful selection of glossy field tiles complete with moldings. Its classic simplicity has a minimalist, sophisticated design.

The Moresque Glazed Tile is inspired by the tradition of Moroccan ceramic work. It includes a range of classic field tiles, elaborate Arabesque shapes, and intricate mosaics.

The Zanzibar Ceramic Collection includes patterned matte tiles inspired by the incredible textile artistry of Tanzania.

Where Can I Install Ceramic Tiles?

Ceramic is perfect for interior walls and floors. These tiles can be chosen for residential and commercial projects. The most common applications are hotel and condo bathroom ceramic flooring and kitchen ceramic backsplashes.

Please check the product specifications under the product pages to get better info based on product-specific areas.

Kitchen Backsplashes & Interior Walls 

Ceramic backsplashes are the perfect way to add an artistic flourish to your kitchen. Additionally, ceramic tiles suit residential and commercial interior wall applications. Their elegant and polished appearance will instantly elevate a room.

Ceramic tiles can also be found in commercial applications, such as hotel bar walls and exposed restaurant kitchens. The hospitality sector utilizes these tiles for hotel entrances, reception desks, pools, and spas.

Residential Floors 

As ceramic is more fragile than other materials like natural stone or porcelain, we only recommend ceramic flooring for light-traffic areas. Therefore, they’re mostly suitable for light residential floors. Ceramic looks incredible on bathroom flooring installations.

We suggest matte ceramic for flooring installations, as it’s less slippery.

Bathroom & Shower Walls

Glossy ceramic wall tiles are moisture-resistant, so they can be installed in wet areas like showers. Moreover, they’re extremely easy to clean and maintain.

More About Ceramic Tiles

Most ceramic starts as a piece of red or white clay that has been formed by hand or by machine into a shape. While this shape is often flat, it can take many configurations depending on the intended usage. Once the shape has been decided, the tile is glazed with a ceramic glaze and fired at extremely high temperatures in a kiln. The final product is always installed with un-sanded grout and thin-set mortar for all residential interiors. If you’d like to know more about ceramic, not only tiles you can visit the ceramic wiki page.