Our Desert Flower Collection is Officially the Best in the World

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Cindy Allen, Editor in Chief of Interior Design Magazine, has announced that Desert Wildflowers by Julia Buckingham for Country Floors has been awarded 2021 Best of Year Product Award in its category, Tile & Stone Wallcoverings.

As Country Floors, we are enjoying the rightful pride of making your living spaces much more beautiful than they already are. It is an amazing feeling for us to be rewarded by the Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Product Award.

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Country Floors focuses on providing a wide range of styles to offer versatility in decoration. For this purpose, we benefit from our product knowledge, endless inspiration, and industry trends to offer practical and stylish solutions and quality service.

Our team consisting of industry experts collaborates with artists to bring the aesthetic of art to your living spaces. Besides art, you can easily witness the traces of heritage, passion, tradition, and modernity in our collections. Thus, the fact that the Interior Design Magazine awarded our Desert Flower Collection with the Best of Year Product Award boosted our confidence and passion for our job once again!

It feels great to be appreciated by experts. This lets us know that we are on the right track to meet the interior designers’ and architects’ expectations.

Though we owe most of this success to our innovative and inspiring team, our accumulated industry experience since 1964 also plays an important role.

CEO of Country Floors, Munir Turunc


The Best Tile is Arguably Our Desert Flower Collection

Interior Design is a collaborative community that engages in design through events, digital, and print. The organization is considered the most important authority in the industry, which industry leaders rely on to create their networks.

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Every year, more than 30,000 architects, designers, and industry leaders vote in the annual awards competition. Thousands of products and collections are scanned in this competition and evaluated according to various criteria.

This year Country Floors was the winner of the Best of Year Product Award! Our Desert Wildflowers Collection, in which we collaborated with artist Julia Buckingham, won the competition! However, this wasn’t the first time. We managed to attract all eyes to us in Interior Design Magazine Awards before too.

For example, our Wagara Ceramic and Sister Parish Design Ceramic are two of our collections that were so close to winning the award in May and June, respectively.

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Wagara Collection by Country Floors

Country Floors Attract Attention with Its Rich Collections

As a team, we pay the utmost attention to our collections and believe versatility is the key to success. Thus, by taking advantage of the power, experience, and knowledge of our team and company history, we offer our customers a wide range of collections. 

You can find the breezes and traces from different parts of the world in all of our collections. From Mediterranean beaches to Japanese meticulousness, the beauty of desserts, to the freshness of plateaus. We offer both traditional and modern collections that appeal to homeowners, business owners, interior designers, and industry leaders.


In this regard, our former finalist Wagara Ceramic is a great example of Japanese elegance. Besides this collection, we can recommend our Chez Monet Ceramic Collection, which will offer you a different kind of elegance that belongs to the Mediterranean region. 

Moreover, our Miradouro Classic Ceramic and Marsala Classic Tile – Baldosa Style are our two favorite collections we can recommend. These two collections are the best reflections of the Mediterranean style. Besides our award-winning Desert Wildflowers, you can also bring some color and authentic elegance to your living spaces with these fantastic collections. They are quite popular in the world. 



That is not all! We have a new trade program to bring more advantages to our future business partners. Do not pass without signing up. You can have trade-only pricing and fast, free sampling of above and beyond-collections. We want you to have the best projects with our best collections. Not only for your residential but also for commercial tiles, Country Floors offers chic and luxury collections.

If you would like to visit our stores, see the locations, check our tile showrooms near you. We’d love to help you with your project. 

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