5 Amazingly Beautiful Mediterranean Tile Backsplashes

5 Stunning Mediterranean Tile Backsplash Ideas with Images

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The Mediterranean Tile Trend

Mediterranean tile backsplashes are becoming increasingly popular day by day. This style often includes ceramic tiles and terracotta tiles, which are two favored decoration elements by interior designers. There is an increasing trend for organic resources, and these materials are the perfect choices for many decoration projects.

blue and white mediterranean backsplash tile

While many interior designers prefer ceramic and terracotta tiles due to their natural finish, they have many other benefits that may come as a surprise. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the prominent benefits of a Mediterranean tile backsplash.

We have carefully picked some of our best-selling collections to give you an overview of the style. We hope that the following information will be useful for creating natural-looking, sustainable, and stylish designs.

Grey Matte Ceramic Tile


Aquamarine Glossy Ceramic Tile


Red Matte Ceramic Tile


Why Are Ceramic and Terracotta Tiles Popular Kitchen Backsplash Choices?

Selecting ceramic tiles or terracotta tiles for your kitchen backsplash not only adds personality to your kitchen but also practicality. In addition to presenting an artistic element in the space, they can protect your walls from water and food spatter.

Moreover, these tiles are extremely easy to clean, which makes them ideal if you love to spend time in the kitchen. Here at Country Floors, we offer numerous styles, sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns in these organic decoration elements. With so many alternatives on the market, homeowners can also determine the texture of their kitchen backsplash.

Another benefit of ceramic and terracotta tiles is easy installation and replacement opportunities. Although we recommend hiring a professional to install your tiles, you can do it on your own to save money. These tiles are highly durable against impacts but in case of any cracks, you can easily replace them.

Thus, although the chances are slim, you may want to keep a few more tiles at hand to replace your cracked tiles in the future. Standard ceramic and terracotta tiles can also last for at least twenty years without losing their color or form. If you perform regular maintenance, your tiles can last a lifetime!

Since interior designers and homeowners commonly prefer these tiles for a good reason, you can find plenty of unique styles on the market. Below, we are going to discuss one of the most popular trends of the decade for ceramic and terracotta tiles.

Pure White, Fire Engine Glossy Serendipity Ceramic Tile


Vintage Linen India Glossy Ceramic Tile


238b Garden Flowers Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile


What Is the Mediterranean Tile Backsplash Trend?

Mediterranean people are one of the most hospitable communities in the world. Their lifestyle is shaped by their gorgeous environment. The stunning blue color of the Mediterranean Sea is one of the main inspirations of this trend.

Besides the classic blue tones, warm shades of brown, orange, and beige are also popular. Minimalism is one of the most important concepts for Mediterranean people and serves as one of the defining elements of the Mediterranean trend.

Brooklyn Glossy Thin Brick Tile


Hishi Dark Matte Ceramic Tile


Loire Glossy Ceramic Tile

$19.20 / sq. ft.

The Mediterranean trend in ceramic and terracotta tiles allows designers and homeowners to create visually appealing spaces that exude an organic, clean atmosphere. With the amazing colors and patterns of these tiles, you can easily add a personal touch to your kitchen backsplash. Also, Meditteranean tile backsplash designs are a great match with your white cabinets. Check out our other kitchen backsplash ideas with white cabinets.

Without a doubt, the Mediterranean tile backsplash trend is one of the best styles in kitchen decoration. The light colors employed in this trend allow users to easily detect the residue and contribute to the hygiene of the space.

If you are unsure about choosing a Mediterranean backsplash for your kitchen, read further. Below, you can find five unique recommendations to decorate your kitchen backsplash with Mediterranean tiles and ceramics.

We hope these collections will inspire you to create the aesthetics you are looking for in your kitchen backsplash.

5 Mediterranean Tile Backsplash Collection Recommendations

Here are some of the best-selling Mediterranean tile backsplash collections we have promised. Besides five recommendations, we also provided a bonus one! Do not miss your chance to check all these amazing collections before you make a decision!

Please note that you can always contact us for more information. Our customer representatives will be happy to serve you and answer your questions.

1. Miradouro Classic Ceramic Collection

The Portuguese tile tradition inspired this collection. Portugal is one of the most influential countries in Mediterranean culture and thus, we wanted to offer something unique to our customers. The classic and blue tiles of this collection evoke cleanliness and simplicity with a traditional edge.

Miradouro Classic Ceramic Collection

Besides being a favorite among homeowners, we believe that our Miradouro Classic Ceramic Collection will also appeal to many business owners. If you are looking for a traditional Mediterranean look for your Mediterranean tile backsplash, we highly recommend checking out this collection.

Kaleidescope Multi Color Pattern 122m Glazed Ceramic Tile


Kaleidoscope Glazed Ceramic Tile


249a2 Gelosia Blanc Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile


2. Mallorca Ceramic Collection

As you might have already guessed from its name, the collection will take you to the sunny coast of Spain. We were inspired by Lenguas Mallorquinas, a traditional Spanish pattern used in textile goods.

Mallorca Ceramic Collection

This collection offers an incredible range of bold, fun patterns. Without a doubt, these tiles will provide a personality to your kitchen backsplash decoration.

Manta Crackled Ceramic Tile

$26.15 / sq. ft.

India Crackled Ceramic Tile


Tulips Crackled Ceramic Tile


3. Marsala Bianco Ceramic Collection

Now it’s time to journey to beautiful Sicilia! Our Marsala Bianco Ceramic Collection is inspired by 19th and 20th-century Sicilian art. These tiles include traditional aesthetics with a modern design, making them perfect for a Meditteranean tile backsplash.

Marsala Bianco Ceramic Collection

With warm and cool neutral tones, these tiles suit many interior design color schemes and decoration styles. However, we bet they are going to look amazing on a kitchen backsplash.

Rogusa Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tile


Palermo Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tile


Catania Bianco Glossy Ceramic Tile


4. Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta Collection

This time, we put a new twist on our famous Lenguas Mallorquinas patterns. Our Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta Collection takes you back to the 19th-century Mediterranean.

Antiqued Mallorca Terracotta Collection

With six unique and beautiful patterns, you can use these tiles in any area from the bathroom to kitchen backsplashes.

Indigo Wash Manta Glossy Ceramic Tile


Vintage Linen India Glossy Ceramic Tile


Indigo Wash Tulips Glossy Ceramic Tile


5. Marsala Classic Collection

Here is a different interpretation of the Marsala collection. If you are looking for a more traditional look that reflects the artistic patterns of modern Sicily, you are going to love these tiles a lot!

Just like Sicily itself, these tiles also bear traces of Greek, Arabic, and Roman styles. We named each of our models after beautiful Sicilian cities.

Modica Classic Glazed Ceramic Tile


Rogusa Classic Glazed Ceramic Tile


Milazzo Classic Glazed Ceramic Tile


Bonus: The Antique Tile Collection

You do not have to stick with traditional patterns in the Mediterranean tile backsplash trend. Thus, we are happy to offer this collection, which is extremely versatile. It subtly evokes the organic, natural feel of the Mediterranean style.

Antique Tile Collection

With more than dozens of alternatives, you can effortlessly create a unique and modern Meditteranean tile backsplash in any area you like.

Batik 3 Square 1/2 Glazed Ceramic Tile


Batik 2 Square 1/2 Glazed Ceramic Tile


Antigua 4 Square 1/2 Glazed Ceramic Tile


So, which collection is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment on this article. Your opinions may guide others to create amazing decorations for their kitchen backsplashes.

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