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Backsplash Tiles

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Royal White Glossy Chevron Ceramic Tile


Barn Glossy Relief Picket Ceramic Wall Decos

$2.68 / pcs.

Verona Polished 5/8x1 1/4 Marble Mosaic


Satin Cotton Matte Hexagon Ceramic Tile


Witty Green Glossy Chevron Ceramic Tile


Frost White Honed Herringbone Marble Mosaic

$14.75 / pcs.

Glacier Honed Marble Tile


Verona Polished Slides Marble Mosaic


Royal White Glossy Diamante Ceramic Tile


Kaleidoscope Glazed Ceramic Tile


Satin Cotton Matte Chevron Ceramic Tile


Thassos White, Skyline Polished Stella Marble Mosaic

$32.40 / pcs.

Royal White Glossy Tear Field Ceramic Tile


Calacatta Amber Honed Marble Tile


Bianco Dolomiti Classic Honed Herringbone Marble Mosaic


Cold Glossy Chevron Ceramic Tile


Thassos White, Skyline Polished Favo Marble Mosaic

$14.30 / pcs.

Cold Glossy Hexagon Ceramic Tile


Honey Glossy Hexagon Ceramic Tile

$4.84 / pcs.

Champagne Honed Penny Round Limestone Mosaic


Sky Glossy Legato Thin Brick Wall Decos


Backsplash Tiles

Stylish and chic, backsplash tiles are the perfect way to add an element of creativity to your kitchen. The beauty of backsplash tiles is their versatility and variety –– they come in an endless range of colors, materials, shapes, and sizes. However, that also means that choosing the best tile backsplash for your kitchen can be a daunting task.

Here is everything you need to know about backsplash tiles.

What Are Backsplash Tiles?

Backsplash tiles refer to wall tiles placed on countertops and stoves in kitchens. Kitchen tile backsplashes serve both a functional and stylish purpose, as they’re utilized to protect the wall from water damage and oil and food splatter while cooking.

Although backsplash tiles are mostly associated with kitchens, you can find them in other rooms of the house, too. Bathroom backsplash tiles are commonly installed above bathroom vanities to protect the wall from water damage.

The Most Stylish Backsplash Tile Trends of 2023

2023 is all about finding the right balance in home design. When it comes to backsplash tile ideas, it’s all about finding a tile style that is unique and fresh yet fits in nicely with the space.

Zellige Tile Backsplash

Zellige tiles are one of the trendiest tiles of 2023. The beauty of these handmade Moroccan tile backsplashes lies in their uniqueness, as no tile is precisely alike. Zellige backsplash tiles are now available in several earth-tone hues, making them ideal for kitchens with a natural or boho design.

Subway Tile Backsplash

Subway tile backsplashes are very much still in style in 2023. This chic yet simple rectangle tile design is ideal for anyone seeking a minimalist kitchen interior. The beauty of subway tile kitchen backsplashes lies in their array of colors and textures.

For the ultimate modern minimalist look, go for a white subway tile backsplash, or a glass subway tile backsplash, or add a splash of color with a vibrant monochromatic look.

Mosaic Tile Backsplash

In 2023, more and more people are valuing the beauty of traditional handcrafted artisanal products. What better way to celebrate the rich tradition of artisanal tiles than with a mosaic tile backsplash?

Mosaic tile backsplashes are made with several different materials. Classic and elegant, marble tile backsplashes come in exquisite patterns, colors, and shapes.

The Cheapest Backsplash Tiles

The cheapest backsplash tiles available are made of ceramic and porcelain. Ceramic backsplash tiles and porcelain backsplash tiles are both durable, long-lasting, and affordable materials that are perfect for holding up against the daily wear and tear of kitchens.

Modern Backsplash Tile Ideas

Popular modern backsplash ideas include ceramic tile backsplashes, glass tile backsplashes, mosaic tile backsplash, and marble tile backsplashes.

For designs, subway tile backsplashes never went out of style. For a rustic-chic look, picket tile backsplashes are a popular choice.

Fun, vibrant colors have also made a comeback in recent years and look incredible when paired with neutral cabinets and countertops. Consider pairing a green tile backsplash with an all-white interior to create a modern minimalist look. Or, add a blue tile backsplash with wood cabinets for a cabin look.

How To Shop Wholesale Backsplash Tiles

Wholesale backsplash tiles are tiles available in bulk for a lower or discounted price. Moreover, wholesale backsplash tiles are a great way to save money on home renovations.

Popular wholesale backsplash tile sellers include Stone Tile Depot and Home Depot.

Backsplash Deals

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