10 Top Commercial Tiles for Hospitality

10 Top Commercial Tiles for Hospitality

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Tiles are one of the most important elements that serve as a protective and decorative surface in businesses. They are also important for providing character to both indoor and outdoor spaces to create a favorable atmosphere. Come and discover the 10 best commercial tiles for hospitality. Durable and beautiful designs for high foot traffic.

Without a doubt, marble tiles and porcelain tiles have the utmost importance for commercial flooring in hospitality businesses. Creating a visually attractive atmosphere, where your guests feel like they are at home can significantly contribute to their overall satisfaction.

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Thus, we wanted to compile some of the best commercial tiles for you in this article. We believe that you are going to love all these tile suggestions a lot and perhaps you are going to find inspiration.

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Unlike home uses, tiles you are going to use in your business must stand out with their durability. It is because businesses usually have higher foot traffic, and you want your investment to be permanent. Before providing you with suggestions, we would like to discuss why you may want to prefer marble or porcelain tiles.

Why May You Want to Prefer Marble Tiles for Your Hospitality Business?

First of all, marble tiles stand out with their elegant and gorgeous looks. Secondly, it is the most durable tile you can prefer. You will not have to worry about shattering with their hardwearing structure.

If insulation is important for your business, then marble tiles can serve as a great insulator. Moreover, you can prefer them in any room or area you like. Since marble reflects light very well, most hotels prefer marble tiles as commercial floor tiles.

Why May You Want to Prefer Porcelain Tiles for Your Hospitality Business?

Some porcelain tiles may not be as durable as marble tiles, but they certainly offer unique advantages. Unlike marble tiles, you have almost unlimited color and pattern options in porcelain tiles. Thanks to their low absorption rates, you can easily prefer porcelain tiles in wet areas. Porcelain tiles for bathroom flooring and walls have the highest demand from hotels and restaurants.

Just like marble tiles, porcelain tiles can also withstand heavy foot traffic for many years. Moreover, they are a cheaper alternative to marble tiles. If you are looking for a unique atmosphere in your hotel, restaurant, or cafeteria, porcelain may be a better option for you. Most people check for commercial vinyl plank flooring, which wood-look porcelain tiles meet their needs.

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10 Best Commercial Tiles for Hospitality Businesses: Commercial Flooring Options

As Country Floors, we offer customized, unique, and world-standard marble and porcelain tiles for both homeowners and businesses. You can refer to this link to check out our references. Below, we have picked the 10 best commercial tile collections that can inspire you for your project!

1- Arctic Gray Marble Collection For Commercial Floors

If you want to prefer the innocence of white in your hospitality business or create a unique contrast, then the Arctic Gray Marble Collection may be a great choice for you. We offer these tiles in large sizes, which are 12” x 24”.

With the light reflection properties of marble, you can keep any room cooler than it should be with the help of these tiles.


2- Haisa Black Marble Collection As An Elegant Commercial Floor Tiles

You can amaze your guests with the stunning look of this collection, where they can witness the veins that form the raw rock! This offers a stylish characteristic to tiles in our Haisa Black Marble Collection. Restaurants or hotels search for this kind of tile as commercial floor tile.

Moreover, these tiles are the perfect combination of ancient and modern styles. If you are looking for a sophisticated design, then these 24” square tiles can do wonders for you!

Haisa, Black, Snow White Honed Maze Basket Marble Mosaic

$22.19 / pcs.

Haisa, Black, Snow White Honed Monte Marble Mosaic

$37.99 / pcs.

3- Natural Reflections Marble Collection

Our Natural Reflections Marble Collection includes some of the finest quality marbles in the world. These 12” x 24” large tiles can help you to create a unique image in any venue you like. They are the perfect choices, especially for interior design.

If you are looking for a decoration that reflects the beauty and elegance of nature, then you are going to love each of these tiles a lot! Don’t look more for commercial bathroom tile, because this will create luxury and elite bathrooms for your guests.

Calacatta Viola Polished Marble Tile


Calacatta Green Polished Marble Tile


Afyon Violet Polished Marble Tile


4- Afyon Sugar Marble Collection

Afyon Sugar Beige Marble Collection is a world-famous marble with a unique and stylish look. They can offer timeless beauty and style in any venue you would like to use. You can prefer these oldest marble types in the world to show off the quality of your business.

If you are planning to offer top-quality services to your guests, you can start by decorating your business with some of these amazing tiles in our Afyon Sugar Marble Collection.

Afyon Sugar Polished Marble Tile

$11.40 / sq. ft.

Afyon Sugar Polished Marble Tile


Afyon Sugar Polished Hexagon Marble Mosaic

$10.65 / pcs.

5- Allure Light Polished Marble Collection

Our tiles in our Allure Light Polished Marble Collection can be an ideal choice for wall coverings as well as interior floors. Without a doubt, these tiles can help you to create a breathtaking atmosphere in any area you prefer. Durable marble tile is always one of the best choices for commercial floor tile.

Moreover, their light colors can contribute to the overall temperature in rooms! Besides adding character to your design, they can easily appeal to your guests with their stylish look!

Allure Light Polished Marble Tile


Snow White, Allure, Glacier Multi Finish Devon Marble Mosaic


Allure&glacier Textured Hexagon Marble Mosaic


6- Marmi Vista Porcelain Collection

With various types such as tiles, mosaics, wall decos, and accessories, the Marmi Vista Porcelain Collection offers great versatility. These porcelain tiles can be one of the best choices to create a stylish look in any area they are preferred.

If you want to combine the traditional look with modern touches, you can benefit from this collection in any room or space.

7- Bianco Carrara Porcelain Collection

Here is a great collection that combines the durability of top-quality porcelain tiles while offering the beauty and style of Carrara marbles. Without a doubt, these tiles will create a hospitable atmosphere in any space you prefer. Bianco Carrara porcelain tiles are preferred especially for bathroom walls and floors.


Besides commercial design, you can also prefer these elegant tiles for residential designs. Tiles in the Bianco Carrara Porcelain Collection are just like a life hack to create stunning designs. Finding commercial tile flooring might not be easy but these will do for walls and floors!


Bianco Carrara Polished Zig-zag Marble Look Porcelain Mosaic


Bianco Carrara Polished Marble Look Porcelain Tile


Bianco Carrara Polished Trama Marble Look Porcelain Mosaic


8- Metro Porcelain Collection

With eight unique and appealing colors offered in three sizes, the Metro Porcelain Collection also offers versatile design opportunities. These tiles are the perfect choice for those who are looking for a contemporary design.

Business owners or designers can easily create eye-appealing designs by combining the contrasting colors available in the collection. Absolutely one of the best commercial tile flooring.

9- Trevi Porcelain Collection

Our Trevi Porcelain Tile Collection can help you to take your guests on a trip to Italy in your business. If you want to benefit from a familiar atmosphere in your design, then these tiles available in cool color shades are the right choice for you. It is easy to maintain and wood-look makes them naturally beautiful. You may also check commercial vinyl plank flooring.


Since you can install these tiles on both walls covering and flooring, you can easily create the image you prefer.

10- Atelier Porcelain Tile

Muscular style featuring elegant rectangular shapes. Porcelain tile may be described or imagined in many different ways. In Atelier Porcelain Tile Collection you’ll feel durability and not worry about the high traffic.

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This was the last commercial tile recommendation. Which one did you like most? Do not forget to leave a comment on this guide to share your opinions with us! For your queries about commercial flooring near me, you can contact us.

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