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The Design Versatility Of Our Glazed Brick Tile Collections

There is no denying that when looking for design inspiration, our glazed brick tiles can be a great inclusion to your interior, owing to their crafts-manship, versatility, and stunning design. These unique glazed brick tiles have a lot to add to any surface from the outset.

Glazed brick tiles

Glazed brick tiles or brick slips can give your interiors a more traditional appearance but require less installation effort. Glazed brick tiles are great for DIYers or house builders because of their ease of application.

Glazed Brick Tiles For the Outdoors

Some glazed brick tile installed outdoors looks stunning and has a naturally long lifespan.
An excellent outdoor tile is vital for making a solid first impression. These tiles will often be the first thing that many people see, which is why they need to look good and fit within the environment you’ve chosen for them outside.

Earthy Tones

Generally speaking, you’ll need to invest in many earthy tones for this, but it’s up to you to experiment based on your geographical location.

Complementary Colors

These stunning terracotta floor tiles are well-paired with the outside because of their complementary colors, robust design, and practical shapes. Terracotta tiles fit well into the outdoors and would look great by the pool or in the outer areas of the house.

Artistic Tile

For an artistic or traditional feel, artisans pour the clay on a wood tray for a long time under the sun. In some tile workshops, the firing can happen by burning in kilns. Then the tile maker “tooled” it for rustic, handmade appearances. Then they will wax or rub the tile with various stains and oils to give it a glorious patina. A genuinely artistic tile, to be used on many surfaces from walls and floors for interiors and exterior applications.

Handmade Tile

Cotto Med Terracotta Tile Collection: These designs are genuinely hand-carved, and tile is formed and put into wooden molds and dried in the sand. Clay is mixed and hand-molded into tiles or other shapes such as fan shape or arabesque shapes within wood molds. Tiles can dry out in sunlight for a couple of days. Upon drying, the tiles will bake in the kiln.

Enhance Your Interior

Of course, glazed brick tiles also have many applications in interior design, which is good because it’s attractive enough.

Glazed Brick Tiles For Indoors

The great thing about some of the collections on offer here is that they all manage to do something a bit different, so you can pick and choose what you do and how you do it.

Antique Tile Collection

For example, this Antique Tile Collection looks suitably old-fashioned and helps to add a style charmingly retro to your home — may be in a bathroom or entrance hall space.

The Subway Tile Trend

Chelsea Glazed Brick Collection

Combining handmade tile-making skills with handmade glazing techniques, these rustic-look tiles from our Chelsea Glazed brick tile collection are a great choice among homeowners and interior designers. These subway tiles are a timeless addition to any interior. Our beautiful glazed brick tiles in bold color glazes will suit every style and design choice.

The Chelsea glazed brick tile is ideal for installing on wall and floor surfaces for commercial or residential applications. It can be installed on kitchen backsplash walls, shower walls, ceilings, fireplaces, cafes, or other areas, even outside, depending on the situation.
You could easily experiment with making your home feel bright and modern with these. Glazed brick tiles are suitable for creating a solid impression.

Firenze Ceramic Collection

Glazed brick tiles also do well as wall tiles, as the Firenze Ceramic Collection demonstrates. Consider it as a glazed brick tile backsplash. Take a look at the cool colors and superb details of this offering. It pretty much screams sophistication and is going to be something you’d put in a bathroom because the colors are naturally best in there. Furthermore, tile pairs well with bathrooms; it always has done.

Chenille Crackled Ceramic Tile 4x16

Chenille Crackled Ceramic Tile

Verbena Glossy Ceramic Tile 4x16

Verbena Glossy Ceramic Tile

Sea Blue Crackled Ceramic Tile 4x16

Sea Blue Crackled Ceramic Tile


Temple Glazed Brick Collection

The final product that we think we’ll look at today is the Temple Glazed Brick Collection. There’s a lot to appreciate with this one, starting with the design.

Costa Mia Leather Thin Brick Tile 2 1/8x7 1/2

Costa Mia Leather Thin Brick Tile


Minimalist Japanese

You’ve got a very minimalist style, taken heavily from the zen aspects of traditional Japanese design. Then it has been paired with modernity to look ideally in place at a modern building. It is simple and elegant, built to be minimal and not to detract attention from the rest of your interior design.

Tile Design Inspiration

Our tile sizes are in many formats. There can be octagonal, rectangular, or square shapes. Each tile is unique in the fact that they are handmade. Although sizes, thicknesses, and colors can differ slightly in size. We can offer an alternative design with a wide variety, all about making sure that when you sit down and try to pick a glazed brick tile, you’ve chosen something that will fit the specific needs of what you’re trying to do.

Final Design Thoughts

Interior design is a core component of an attractive home, and so is the opportunity to collect a strong presence outside. These tiles fit various situations, but all manage to be suitable in different ways.

Designed To Fit With The Natural Environment

Outside, you’ve got simple, rugged, and earthy designs that will look good regardless of where you put them. Because these tiles are natural, they command a certain level of subtle appreciation.

Tiles For The Right Situation

The inside of your house is a different story entirely. You’ve got many choices with that, so you need the correct tile for the right situation.

For Every Room

Some tiles belong on the wall, and others on the floor. Some are bound for the bathroom, and others fit in the main areas of the home. You’ll have to experiment to figure out what’s best overall.

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