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Trevi Porcelain Tile Collection

The Trevi Porcelain Tile Collection from Country Floors features three beautiful cool color tones in a honed finish. Obviously originating from Italy, the dramatic veining with infinite hues defines its modern beauty.

Let your mind wander to a certain cinematic classic, La Dolce Vita by the master Federico Fellini. Now recall deeper from your memories the iconic fountain scene. Yes, the Trevi Fountain in Rome. The inspiration for this collection is clear.

Applicable for flooring or wall covering, this porcelain is sure to make a unique statement to any design.

This porcelain tile collection is a Marble Systems product offering.

Design can be used at:
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* Usage recommendation must be confirmed by your installer and depends on application, installation methods and general suitability. Country Floors assumes no liability from any installation and usage recommendations.

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