How To Create Sophisticated Interiors With Black and White Marble?

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We’re sure we don’t have to preach the pros of monochrome tile color palettes to you. But as we move through 2021 it’s useful to know how monochrome is playing its part with modern interior tiling. We’ll see how we can continue to incorporate these gorgeous tones into our homes using natural stone flooring and wall tiling. At Country Floors, we’re no strangers to the majestic power of even a simple black-and-white tile pattern. That is why we have gathered our favorite picks from across our site. We’ll showcase some potential options for you to create a luscious black interior in your home.

Monochrome Tile Collections from Country Floors

Black and White Marble  

The Black and White Marble collection includes a range of individual tiles, mosaics, and waterjet decos. Each of these tiles utilizes solid black or white-honed marble. They are complete with gorgeous natural veining, or a combination of the two. They are set with geometric shapes into monochromatic mosaics that tease the eye from every corner of a room. Notable mentions are the Black and Snow White hexagon-shaped tiles. When used individually, these tiles are perfect to act as a foundation for a more minimal and sleek black-and-white interior. But when used as a double act, they can effortlessly create an awe-inspiring, perhaps slightly vintage pattern unique to your home.

Chester Plaid Marble

This tile is heavily influenced by fashion’s favorite tartan pattern. The Chester Plaid Marble has a range of monochromatic tile mosaics. It takes varying shades of grey and combines them with sweet black and white squares to create larger plaid designs. This collection is great for creating monochrome interiors in rooms where this would not usually be the case, such as kitchens or living rooms.

It brings an air of bliss and contentment through its sweet pattern. It also utilizes the tones expertly and in conjunction with one another. So it maintains that clean, sleek, and suave feel that black and white tiling solutions do so well. In particular, the Allure Light, Snow White, and Black combination play with a large range of tones. These tones can be found on the monochrome palette. This makes it simple to find and pair matching furniture and accessories.

Black and White Waterjets

Justinian Marble – It has a pattern that would look like a home in a Roman villa or an ancient Chinese palace. For this reason, this mosaic is immediately recognizable as a statement of undeniable style. Regality, opulence, and luxury are all denoted with these strong squares and line-work. However, the Dolomite and Nero-colored marble are what really separates this waterjet mosaic as something special. That is what allows designers to run wild with space.

Justinian Dolomite, Nero Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos 16x16

Justinian Dolomite, Nero Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos


Rubicon Marble – It is somewhat gothic in appearance but perhaps merely in the pattern. This black and white marble mosaic combines thick, parallel lines in opposing tones. These patterns really demonstrate command over a space when used as a monochrome floor tile option. As a slightly more complex alternative to block white or black floor tiles, this option can be used to fill up a minimalist, monochrome room.

Rubicon White Carrara, Black Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos 17x17

Rubicon White Carrara, Black Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos


Ruffle Marble – It is a twist on a black and white striped pattern. This monochrome waterjet tile mosaic is perhaps slightly more subdued than its counterparts. Thanks in part to the sweet squares with rounded edges that make up the bulk of its pattern. Setting the black and white marble portions next to each other in such a fashion breaks up the columnar nature of a striped tile and adds something much softer to what can be a harsh color combination in an interior.

Ruffle Snow White, Black Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos 6 15/32x6 15/32

Ruffle Snow White, Black Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos


Ravel Marble – It has an irregular pattern of interlocking black and white chevrons. The Ravel marble really plays with the outlandish and extraordinary to create something entirely new from tried and tested monochrome. This black and white pattern tile is the perfect choice for smaller installations such as a backsplash in a wider white or black kitchen or bathroom. It is also the perfect monochrome floor tiling choice for areas that require slightly more dynamism such as corridors within your home.

Ravel Black, Snow White, Glacier Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos 3 17/32x6 1/8

Ravel Black, Snow White, Glacier Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos


Shop the Full Collection

View our full collection of monochromatic tiles available on our site or our other natural stone tiling collections. If you need any guidance on how and where to use black and white tiles in your home or office, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of expert interior designers. We can offer you invaluable tips and tricks for getting the most out of your natural stone floor-tiling interior.

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