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biophilic design
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What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic Design is a concept likely familiar to you if you have a background in architecture. It places humanity’s innate connection to the natural world as the consistent focus through a home. A biophilic interior is one that embraces the natural world in all its forms. It also attempts to incorporate parts of the outdoors, indoors, for the benefit of those living or working there.

Biophilia was pioneered in the 1980s by biologist Edward O Wilson, who connected increasing rates of urban structures with a disconnection from nature, and a rise in general unhappiness. Because of this, the biophilic design seeks to bring this genetic connection to nature to the forefront of our living spaces. Hence it creates some great benefits for our health and well-being in the process. 

How Biophilic Interiors can Change Your Life

Research has proven that indoor spaces with more natural elements help to reduce stress levels, blood pressure levels, and overall heart rate. Thus it contributes to a greater level of relaxation overall. By creating a partnership between humans and nature, this particular mode of interior design can be applied in almost all spaces where we live and work, simply by incorporating nature at the core of a room.

biophilic design


At Country Floors, we have a vast range of tiles that pair perfectly with biophilic interiors. If you’re going to take advantage of this trend that could positively impact your lifestyle, sourcing the perfect biophilic floor tile as a base is paramount. With the Country Floors collection focusing on earthy and natural materials and tones, organic tiling choices are abundant. These materials provide an easy start when creating a biophilic interior from scratch.

We selected tiles that contain natural elements, or depict them. Also, each and every single one of these biophilic tile choices works perfectly with plant life or organic accessories that you may want to incorporate into your new eco-loving interior.

Designer’s Favourite Biophilic Design Tiles


Zuni Tile combines complementary yet bold organic colors of burnt umber and hazy blue-grey in this natural tile design. The Zuni tile is a simple yet statement design that goes impeccably with a biophilic interior. Thanks to its bold personality, that has clear roots in the world around us.



A striking green is the first thing you may notice about this natural pattern tile. Of course, one of the most important shades when it comes to biophilic style and set against the bright white of this particular design, it absolutely pops. The hand-drawn design gives a distinct air of life to the terracotta tile. Also, you can rest assured it has been created from the earth to truly encompass what biophilic living entails.

Batik 1 Square 1/2 Glazed Glazed Terracotta Tile 6x6

Batik 1 Square 1/2 Glazed Glazed Terracotta Tile



With slightly less representation of natural elements within the pattern itself, this terracotta wall tile is perfect for biophilic living. The tile’s organic blue and bronzed color palette are great as a foundation. It can support a natural interior filled with vegetation and wooden additions, without fading into the background.

Antigua 4 Square 1/2 Glazed Glazed Terracotta Tile 6x6

Antigua 4 Square 1/2 Glazed Glazed Terracotta Tile


Sandy Terrazzo

At first glance, the sandy terrazzo tile might seem too cool a tone to be used in biophilic design. However, it’s no secret that terrazzo tiling is one of the kindest to the environment, and so it truly embodies the relationship between humans and nature. This shade in particular is great for a slightly more minimalist approach to the biophilic interior trend.

Sandy Matte Terrazzo Tile 8x8

Sandy Matte Terrazzo Tile


Maze Basket Mosaic

This tile toes the line between abstract and simple expertly. Thus the maze basket marble mosaic is a good choice for any biophilic interior that errs on the side of regality. This organic choice is great for biophilic kitchens or bathrooms. Because it contrasts the beautiful, glossy white marble, and green stripes that live up to the tiles’ name.

Avalon, Verde Capri Multi Finish Maze Basket Marble Mosaic 14 15/16x17 11/16

Avalon, Verde Capri Multi Finish Maze Basket Marble Mosaic


Ivory Travertine

A mainstay of Mediterranean and rustic interiors, this tactile tile is the perfect option for a biophilic interior. People often use it to pave outdoor areas for centuries. To truly bring the outside, inside, you cannot go wrong when using ivory travertine. Because it supports natural elements like no other stone tile can.

Shop the Full Collection

View our full collection of biophilic design tiles available on our site, as well as our other natural stone tiling collections. If you need any guidance on how and where to use natural stone tiles in your home or office, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of expert interior designers. We can offer you invaluable tips and tricks for getting the most out of your natural stone floor-tiling interior.

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