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Green Walls are Back in Style for 2021

Many of us with a soft spot for interior design has had a love affair with green at some point. Often it’s an unusual shade to inject some life into monochrome or neutral interior. Capable of complementing multiple styles, it works both as a good backdrop to build a space upon, or as the focal element of any room, especially one that utilizes all things natural to freshen up a room. We tend to instinctively associate green with the tranquility of nature. It can also reduce stress levels when incorporated into our surroundings. Green walls can really shine at the forefront of your personal style. So it’s no wonder the trend has returned once again.

With green kitchens, and biophilic living as named trends taking the interior style world by storm, decking out a room with an atmospheric green wall couldn’t be easier with Country Floors’ range of green wall tiles.



How You Can Complement a Green Tile Wall

The peace that can come from a green tile installation on the larger side is great for family areas including the kitchen or living room, or more traditionally calm rooms such as the bathroom. A deep green wall looks great with white porcelain features and marble floor tiling. While sage is the color of choice for 2021, it may be wise to play with other green tones, of which there is an abundance. Dark greens are great for art nouveau styles, while light greens are the perfect choice for a rustic interior.


Wooden fixtures and fittings perfectly complement a green interior. But the type of wood can drastically change the feeling of a room, for example, a densely patterned green tile and a dark wood give a very different atmosphere to a lighter tile with a birch. Gold and autumnal colors are always a great choice. Be careful with bright reds or oranges as they can become a little garish.

Green Tiling Choices from Country Floors

Maleek Ceramic

Green Glossy Maleek Zellige Mosaic 11 13/16x11 13/16

Green Glossy Maleek Zellige Mosaic

Green Glossy Midan Zellige Zellige Mosaic 11 3/4x11 3/4

Green Glossy Midan Zellige Zellige Mosaic


This choice of green wall tile is perfect for any room in which you want a bold yet rich, emerald green base, with bags of Moroccan character included not in the pattern on the surface of the tile. But in the beautiful mosaic set that pairs so well with this stoic tone.

Stellar Ceramic

Trellis Green Gloss Ceramic Tile 4x4

Trellis Green Gloss Ceramic Tile


Starting off with a sweet and simple option for creating a green tiled wall in your home, these trellis green, glossy ceramic tiles provide a wash of cool, almost tea-stained. That is why it is a color that will bring an undeniable sense of calm to any room it is added to.

Chelsea Glazed Brick

This particular collection contains some of our designer’s absolute favorite green wall tiles. They are perfect not only for sticking to the current trend but for really creating a unique and rewarding green tile installation in your home. The particular tile includes an almost rust-effect bronze over a pine shade, with a definite smattering of blue undertones.

Bella Muro Ceramic

Army Green Glazed Ceramic Wall Decos 4x12

Army Green Glazed Ceramic Wall Decos


Upon seeing this army green wall tile it’s impossible not to notice its leather effect sleekness that gives it command over any room. It pairs exceptionally well with understated and cool-toned neutrals, as well as a variety of textures. That is why this is the perfect green tiling choice for whole-wall tile installations. The quiet confidence of the tone and simple rectangular tile shape means this green ceramic tile will transform your room effortlessly.

Status Special Order Ceramic

This Aspen green tile is another green wall tile option that adds a small dash of character to a statement block green design. It also includes a lavatory link as its centerpiece, which when placed in a mosaic can create a green tile wall that is delightfully art-deco in its aspirations. Alternatively, these tiles work great in checkerboard patterns with green accented patterned tiles.

Firenze Ceramic

Starry Glossy Ceramic Tile 12x12

Starry Glossy Ceramic Tile


This collection includes some of the most unique and eye-catching tiling designs available. Because of that, it can take a green wall to new heights with absolutely minimal effort. The beautiful, galactic effect must be seen to be believed. Also, when it is used in tandem with a smattering of glossy, gold decoration that catches the light, it can completely take command of a room. 

Shop the Full Collection

To view the full collection of green tiles available on our site or our other natural stone tiling collections, click here! If you need any guidance on how and where to use green wall tiles in your home or office, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of expert interior designers, who can offer you invaluable tips and tricks for getting the most out of your natural stone floor tiling interior.


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