Shop Our Beautiful Wagara Japanese Pattern Tile Collection

Shop Our Beautiful Wagara Japanese Pattern Tile Collection

Wagara ceramic
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The Origins of Wagara Pattern

Wagara is the inspiration for our latest collection of gorgeous pattern wall tiles. These are Japanese patterns that date back to the 8th century, a period of history known as the Heian era. They are originally created for use in the traditional Japanese garments Yakata and Kimono. Each design is imbued with meaning and symbolism of that which was deemed beautiful throughout time. It’s no surprise that the inspiration comes largely from nature then. And also each was worn for a different purpose, such as weddings, and would be dictated by the seasons. Recently Wagara has returned to fashion in Japan, with younger generations once again embracing this gorgeous traditional art of pattern.


Upholding Tradition with a Modern Twist

Wagara is a constantly evolving art form based entirely on the beauty of patterns that it can symbolize and achieve within our lives and living spaces. With this in mind, it may be obvious that we at Country Floors could not resist creating a collection of Japanese patterned tiles inspired by this art form, with the style and colors to fit into any modern home.

By including Wagara in our ceramic patterned tile collection, we hope to pay homage to both the traditional Wagara and those new and modern designs that have appeared throughout time. This is an effort to showcase the beauty of these designs and make them available for your home.

How to Incorporate Wagara Ceramic into Your Home

Wagara is renowned for the dense and repeating nature of its patterns. That means that field tiles or even negative spaces could be useful to break up a pattern wall tile installation and to really make your Wagara installation pop. Despite a tight geometric style, the elements of Wagara carry such perfection in their inert simplicity. It means that the sweeping lines and humble shapes are perfect in more subdued and tranquil interiors, that they will be the focal point. In traditional Japanese home design, liminal space and line work are vastly important. So a smaller Wagara installation can really add some character and extra cultural roots to your interior style.

A Closer Look at the Collection


The Shippo is a geometric floral pattern. This ceramic wall tile traditionally includes a diamond shape, representing a shining star at its center. People believe that Shippo brings prosperity and harmony. The delicate lines that combine to create a busy yet beautiful tile are perfect to help bring set pieces to the forefront of a room.

Shippo Matte Ceramic Tile



Based upon the beloved original Wagara, sometimes known as Yabane, this Asian-inspired pattern tile showcases a repeating arrowhead design. Based on the hawk and eagle feathers so commonly used at the tips of hunting arrows, people believe that this Wagara brings good luck on a journey. Now the calm command of an ancient hunter can assist in your home’s atmosphere with this full-pattern ceramic tile.

Yagasuri Matte Ceramic Tile



Sensu utilizes an unmistakable fan pattern that harkens to East Asian style with merely a glance. This ceramic wall tile is an easy and effortless way to add a touch of the chinois, or Japanese interior style to your home, without dedicating entire spaces to one theme. 

Sensu Matte Ceramic Tile



Similar to the Sensu pattern above, this patterned wall tile takes inspiration from the rolling waves of the ocean. This tile combines the peace and vastness of the deep sea, with a full and unceasing pattern. Seigaiha tile can provide your home with an atmosphere that carries the best of both.

Seigaiha Matte Ceramic Tile



For fans of the floral, the Kiku design is far more realistic than its Shippo counterpart. Based on some more modern equivalents of traditional Wagara, this Japanese-inspired wall tile is a stylish choice. Using a similar fan shape to others in the collection, this tile really plays with the high level of detail that Wagara patterns can hold so well.

Kiku Matte Ceramic Tile



The curling lines of this patterned tile could almost be based upon our own DNA, That makes it the perfect choice for rooms that see a lot of life, such as the living room or kitchen. And as with all of the Wagara patterned ceramic, until you stop to see the beauty at close range, this dainty pattern will combine into an eye-catching installation.

Tatewaku Matte Ceramic Tile


Shop the Full Collection

To view the full collection of Wagara ceramic patterned tiles available on our site or our other natural stone tiling collections, visit Japanese pattern tiles! Do you need any guidance on how and where to use patterned wall tiles in your home or office? If so, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of expert interior designers. We can offer you invaluable tips and tricks. So that you can get the most out of your natural stone floor tiling interior.


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