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Wall Tiles

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Royal White Glossy Chevron Ceramic Tile


Barn Glossy Relief Picket Ceramic Wall Decos

$2.68 / pcs.

Snow White Honed Marble Tile


Satin Cotton Matte Longest Hexagon Ceramic Tile


Satin Cotton Matte Hexagon Ceramic Tile


Witty Green Glossy Chevron Ceramic Tile


Belgian Bluestone Lappato Patinato Limestone Tile


Bianco Dolomiti Classic Honed Flute Trim Marble Tile


Glacier Honed Marble Tile


Royal White Glossy Diamante Ceramic Tile


Royal White Glossy Picket Ceramic Tile


Satin Cotton Matte Chevron Ceramic Tile


Kaleidoscope Glazed Ceramic Tile


Diana Royal Brushed Chiselled Marble Patterns

Size:Versailles Patternx1/2"

Antique Mirror Glossy Glass Tile


Lilac Honed Flute Trim Marble Tile


White Glossy Subway Ceramic Tile


Black Glossy Subway Ceramic Tile


Calacatta Viola Honed Flute Trim Marble Tile


Thassos White, Skyline Polished Stella Marble Mosaic

$32.40 / pcs.

Satin Cotton Matte Picket Ceramic Tile


Showing 1–21 of 2463 results

About Wall Tiles

When you enter a space, the first step that determines the aesthetics of that space is its walls and places. Wall tiles are tiles that make your wall look stylish in both residential and commercial areas. There are some important factors to consider when choosing them. These factors are as follows:

  • Tile Material: Different materials offer varying aesthetics, durability, and maintenance requirements. Common options include ceramic, porcelain, glass, natural stone, and even metal. Choose a material that suits the style of your space and meets your practical needs.
  • Tile Size and Shape: The size and shape of the tiles can significantly impact the overall look of the space. Large tiles can make a room appear more spacious, while smaller tiles can add intricate detail. Consider the proportions of your room and the effect you want to achieve.
  • Color and Design: The color and design of the tiles play a pivotal role in the ambiance of the room. At Country Floors, we provide you with different shades and shapes to create your unique style.
  • Maintenance: Some tiles require more upkeep than others, such as natural stone that might need sealing, while ceramic and porcelain tiles are generally low maintenance.
  • Durability: Different areas have different levels of foot traffic and exposure to moisture. Choose tiles that are suitable for the specific space. For instance, bathroom wall tiles need to withstand moisture, while kitchen backsplash tiles should be easy to clean.
  • Types of Wall Tiles

    Wall tile materials, shapes, and colors are the interior design elements that most affect the style of a house. For example, while you can create a more modern look with black living room wall tiling, you can use more earthy tones and stone-look tiles to create a farmhouse-style kitchen wall tile look. You can choose tiles in many colors, provide different effects with their material, and add differences to your space with their shapes. We can say that the most preferred wall tilings are ceramic wall tiles, porcelain wall tiles, and glass wall tiles.

    Ceramic Tiles

    Ceramic tiles are an excellent choice for adding a touch of elegance and durability to any space. Ceramic tiles provide you with a wide range of colors and shapes, so you can create a designer look in your spaces. While their smooth surface makes them simple to clean, their fragility can make them inclined to break. However, with proper installation and maintenance, ceramic walls can transform any room into a work of art.

    Porcelain Tiles

    These dazzling tiles are the ideal decision for adding polish to any space. With their strength and protection from stains, scratches, and dampness, porcelain walls are worked to persevere through everyday hardship. In addition to the fact that they are flexible, considering perpetual plan prospects, however, they arrive in many sizes, colors, and textures. However, a point to take note that porcelain tiles can be more costly than different choices and may require proficient establishment.

    Glass Tiles

    Glass tiles are a popular choice for adding elegance and depth to walls. The inevitable pros of glass tiles are they reflect light, create a sense of spaciousness, and add visual interest. However, they can be costly, prone to showing fingerprints and smudges, and can not be an easy maintenance material.