Interior Design Styles 101: 20 Most Popular Styles

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Are you currently on the hunt for a new and improved aesthetic for your home? Maybe you’re tired of the plain white walls of your home, or you’re ready to tone down more colorful decor. Either way, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the world of interior design is ever-expanding. Whether your goal is to design your newly built home or give your current living space a complete makeover, this list of the 20 most popular interior design styles can help.



There are truly an endless amount of ways to design the interior of your home. You can stay very traditional with your interior design style and stick to shades, textures, and pieces that remind you of days past. If you wish to take a more futuristic approach to style your home, you can opt for lots of sleek fixtures, muted colors, and sharp crisp edges. If your interior design dreams are more on the off-beat side, you might gravitate to a more blended aesthetic and mixed styles. However you decide to adorn your home, you can rest assured that there are plenty of textiles and other alluring natural materials to choose from on this home decor list.




To deliver the goods, we have scoured the internet for the Best Interior Design Styles of 2024. Below, you can learn more about each of these fabulous styles, and get visual inspiration to use as a guide to help you narrow down your new home aesthetic.


Traditional Style Interior Design


A traditional interior design is well…traditional. It is exactly what you would think when you picture a classic home setting – dark woods, and ornate fixtures. Traditionally designed homes pull inspiration from home designs of 18th- and 19th-century England and France. It is common to see traditionally styled homes feature expensive fabrics like velvet, silk, and linens – all of which were popular in that time period. If you like to idea of going traditional you should also consider incorporating stripes, florals, and other hallmark patterns in your design.



You can take things a step further and place crystal chandeliers on the ceilings or hang classic-looking oil paintings in gathering areas. If you decide on a traditional home decor style stay true to your color palette and try not to throw too many contrasting shades together. This way you can keep your design and color scheme consistent.


Transitional Style Interior Design



The transitional interior design aesthetic may be the most popular style of 2024. Transitional designs are a balanced mixture of old and new. In other words, if you feel like traditional pieces are too dated and contemporary pieces are too futuristic, the transitional style is within your comfort zone. This type of interior design allows you to keep clutter to a minimum and allow your style to hinge on textiles and furniture. The transitional style also means you can easily use blankets, throws, and area rugs to elevate the look and customize your result.


Modern-Day Interior Design Styles


We think it is important to state that there is a difference between modern style and contemporary design. Many designers assume they are the same concept and use the terms interchangeably, however, they have distinguishing features. The term modern refers to a very specific time frame while the contemporary concept is consistently evolving. Modern interior design made its way into homes in the early to mid-20th century. Current modern interior design is a mixture of different home decor designs namely mid-century modern, post-modern, and Nordic designs.



The furniture showcased in modern homes has a sleek appearance with smooth lines. Glass, chrome fixtures, and other metals are design staples. The decor is distinctive but minimal – you won’t find lots of knick-knacks and clutter in modern-styled homes. Instead, you will find bold-colored furniture and intricate artwork with wooden accents in a largely neutral space.


Eclectic Interior Designs


The eclectic interior design motif is often a misunderstood house design style concept. Many assume that eclectic style is a collage of unrelated pieces, however, the opposite is true. An authentic eclectic interior design is a collection of thoughtfully chosen pieces that are brought together to form a customized culturally rich tapestry. Items in an eclectic design are not thrown together haphazardly, instead, each item has its meaning and story that adds to the overall look of the space.



The trick to mastering the eclectic vibe is not over cluttering the space – too much clutter can make your home appear junky. Aim to give your home a layered feel without filling up every single inch of available space. Try to blend old and new elements with hints of color from accent pieces and textiles. Done correctly you can achieve a balanced and worldly design.


A Contemporary Interior Design


Contemporary interior design is constantly evolving. Throughout history, this home design style has transformed and continues to do so with each passing year. Contemporary essentially means present, so it can be likened to what is trendy, however trendy isn’t always bad. If you are someone who likes to update your home frequently a contemporary design is a great way to go.



You can borrow contemporary elements from several periods and blend them with newer popular pieces to create your perfect environment. You can take the open floor concept and add metals and glass pieces to bring more light into your space. Then pair those elements with neutral colors and sleek furniture for a luxury finish.


Minimalist Concept Interior Design


The minimalist design motif shares similarities with the contemporary style. Both types of interior designs have simplified forms, subtle finishes, and pieces with clean lines. What distinguishes the styles is minimalism’s Japanese-inspired style. Those who want to achieve a minimal look have to follow the less is more concept, and keep clutter and unnecessary fluff to a minimum.



In minimalist design space is your friend, you want to select furniture that is simple and understated, and limit excessive patterns and prints. Textures should be the focal point and hidden storage space should be incorporated into the design as well.


Mid-Century Inspired Interior Design



Also known as Mid-Century Modern, this home design idea never goes out of style. In the 1950s and ‘60s, the world of interior design was about to make a modern era leap. Bold colors and heavy prints were taking the place of dark wood and large furniture. Popular items from this time period that are still prized include the egg chair, Eames lounger, and sliding doors. Another staple of the mid-century era is picture windows which are very popular in today’s homes. You can take the signature colors of the era a use them for a more subtle nod to the past (avocado, mustard yellow, and tangerine to name a few). You can easily mix mid-century pieces with pieces of today and achieve a high-end look.


Bohemian Style Interior Design


Bohemian interiors grow more popular each year with more homeowners recognizing the appeal of the free-spirited motif. Retailers and textile companies are marketing boho furniture and accent pieces to a growing market of interested buyers, so you will find no shortage of stylish throws, pillows, and art pieces that showcase the aesthetic. For those whose style is more on the eclectic side, boho decor will suit you well. The bohemian home decor style reflects nature and you can go crazy if you’re a plant lover.



Feel free to showcase pieces from other cultures and mix textures, colors, and patterns. Bohemian-inspired spaces are warm and inviting. You can be as conventional or unconventional as you wish with this versatile motif.


Updated Farmhouse Interior Design



This list of house decor styles would be incomplete without this fashionable home design idea. Farmhouse style is not just for farmers, homeowners from all regions are latching on to this warm and airy concept. The key is to take traditional farm pieces (wooden beams, and plank flooring) and add sleek modern accents to upgrade the style. Mixing metals and adding pops of color elevate old-fashioned farm concepts and bring them into the 21st century. White walls, plants, and rich-colored furniture are also nice touches.


Chic & Shabby Interior Design




This home design style idea pairs feminine charm with vintage textures and colors to create a visually divine style. Chic and shabby don’t mean drab; they mean florals, pale shades, glamorous tufted accents, and cultural artwork put together purposefully. Chic and shabby may appeal to anyone who likes understated elegance.


Beachy Interior Design



Sun, fun, and water are what come to mind when designing coastal or beachy interiors. You do not have to be on the beach to enjoy the look and feel of open skies and crashing waves. Beachy design is not the same as nautical design – this style is in a class of its own. There are no anchors, are sailboats all over the place, instead, you will see the use of natural light, striped textiles, and abstract artwork that give off a coastal vibe. Decor can include jute, wicker, and distressed furniture but if that’s not your thing those accents can be kept simple.


Old Hollywood Interior Design



An Old Hollywood interior design is a glamor to the max! This style harkens to the “golden age” of Hollywood when stars were all the rage. The Old Hollywood aesthetic uses metals high-contrast colors and lush fabrics to make a statement. Go light with pinks, purples, and whites, or go bold with a black-and-white combination, deep blues, greens, and reds are also excellent choices. 


Southwestern Interior Design



Many homeowners who appreciate the look of midwestern accents and terracotta will gravitate to the appeal of a southwestern interior design. The old southwest style has turned into a style filled with a plethora of warm colors that instantly signify the motif. This interior design style gives off old charm but, with modern additions, it looks just as contemporary as any of the other designs on this list. Leather, suede, and heavy furniture with vibrant prints and greenery shine in this home decor design idea. Use texture and color to your advantage and keep walls simple for maximum effect.


Rustic Edge Interior Design



Natural materials, a farmhouse layout, and industrial-style fixtures come together to form a Rustic interior design. Rustic home designs should be kept simple and highlight natural elements, like wood, animal hides, and brass fixtures that liven up these spaces. Keep walls and flooring simple and allow the furniture, lighting, and decor to shine. 


Industrial Era-Inspired Interior Design



Some claim that Industrial-era interiors are too much on the trendy side, but we beg to differ. Different decor styles appeal to different types of people, and there are tons of home designers who love the timeless look of the Industrial design motif. If you are someone who likes the looks of beams, brick, and oversized artwork then the industrial design is for you. You can always soften the look with warm and cozy accents, and rich-colored furniture. The blend of antiques, rustic materials, and warm colors is sure to make your home come alive. 


French Countryside Interior Design




Few places seem as picturesque as the French countryside. And when you get a look at the interior design pieces used in this motif, you will understand why it’s one of the year’s best interior design ideas. Similar to many of the other types of design styles on this list, the French countryside motif is a winner. Countrysides are a unique mixture of a few other styles including the Chic & Shabby style, Contemporary Farmhouse style, and the Traditional style Interior. One caveat is that French decor looks a tad more sophisticated and uses more antiques, plush furniture, and prints for a more elevated result. 


Nordic-Inspired Interior Design




One of today’s more visually recognizable interior designs. Also called Scandinavian design, Nordic-inspired interiors boats spaces that are airy, bright, and filled with organic materials. Wooden accents are a staple of the motif but the shades of wood lean toward ash colors or lighter shades such as cedar. In Nordic-inspired interiors, you want to lean into fresh white walls, cozy textiles, and large windows or mirrors.


Southern European Interior Design


rust terracotta and limestone moroccan mosaic
Baba Chic Maha Limestone and Terracotta Mosaic by Country Floors.


Perhaps you’re used to this interior design style being referred to as Mediterranean? That’s right – South Eastern accents, colors, and prints are still highly coveted in 2024. Countries of the Mediterranean include Greece, Spain, and Italy and each is culturally rich and diverse in its visual motif. The interior design styles of this region have gradually spread around the globe as they appeal to homeowners of all ages, and backgrounds.

To achieve a truly Mediterranean-inspired interior you will have to incorporate colors and architectural pieces reminiscent of the geographical region. It is common to see columns, arches, deep wooden tones, and culturally distinctive ornaments in these homes – so consider them for your design.


Style Moderne Interior Design




Style Moderne is another name for the ever-popular Art Deco style motif. We can say we don’t know many people who aren’t already familiar with this long-standing interior design trend. If you have never come across the terms Art Deco or Style Moderne before no worries, we’ve got you covered. This popular interior design style became famous in the early twentieth century. Originating on France Style Moderne made its way to the States in the 1910s and reached peaked popularity by the 1940s.  This type of decor was influenced by the Industrial Revolution and focused on metal pieces including lampshades, oversized furniture, and accents with jagged edges and precise corners. 


Asian Harmony Interior Design



Do you remember when the concept of feng shui was all the rage? We do too, and the concept has made a comeback in 2024. We adore the idea of utilizing flow and harmony to determine a home decor design – after all, our homes should be places of peace and tranquility. To take advantage of the Asian Harmony concept place great focus on blending unique shapes, warm colors, and sleek lines to achieve a relaxed vibe. Asian-inspired interiors look amazing when elements of nature and asymmetrical pieces are utilized. The goal is to use this home decor style to create a state of serenity. 


Create the Home of Your Dreams with One (or More) of these Interior Design Styles

Now that you have taken the time to explore today’s best interior home design styles you can start the process of deciding your home’s next look. These styles can be applied in a vast array of color motifs and customized using your choice of furniture and home decor accents. Feel free to go all-in on one of these interior design styles, or mix-and-match styles as you desire.




This ultimate list of the best interior design styles is nothing short of captivating, and we hope that you find these ideas inspiring. Are you filled with ideas, but still unsure of how to apply them in your space? We have online resources in our lookbooks and inspiration gallery. Please feel free to contact us or visit your local Country Floors showroom for assistance.

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